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Select Jack Links 90% Starting 11/28 at Dollar General

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Starting Tuesday November 28 at Dollar General select Jack Link Beef Jerky will get priced down 50% off. The price below reflects the price RIGHT NOW so these will be 50% off that price.

Jack Links Beef Steak Peppered Fr End ck (2L) 17082000231 $1.75

Jack Links Wild Original 1oz Fr End ck (2L) 17082879783 $1.25

Jack Links Wild Hot 1oz Fr End ck (2L) 17082879745 $1.25

Jack Links Jerky Swt Hot 1.25oz Fr End ck (2L) 17082877444 $2.75

Jack Links Jerky Jalapeno 1.25z Fr End ck (2L.) 17082877581 $2.75

Jack Links Pepperoni 1.84oz Stick Fr End ck (2L) 17082889690 $2.15

Jack Links Wild Heat 1.84oz Stick Fr End ck (2L) 17082006707 $2.15

Jack Links Peppered Steak 2oz Fr End ck (2L.) 17082600233 $2.95

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