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Dollar General Couponing & Deals

The latest and best deals, coupons, sales and freebies at Dollar General. Find the most recent store ads for all of your favorite stores including Dollar General! Sign up to get notified when new sales are posted so you don’t miss out on any great bargains.

Want to see great deals including Dollar General Matchups, Penny Lists, How to Coupon at Dollar General?  Join our Dollar General Group HERE. 

Dollar General Couponing stacking can sometimes be confusing. Want to learn how to coupon stack at Dollar General? GO HERE

I absolutely love Dollar General Clearance Events, get your calendars ready and mark off all the Dollar General Clearance Events with their schedule HERE.  

Learning how to coupon can sometimes overwhelm you, don’t let couponing at Dollar General discourage you. Learn how to coupon at Dollar General HERE.  

Having trouble finding penny items? GO HERE for a complete guide on penny items. 

Last but not least, don’t forget to check out Dollar General Early Ad Previews HERE.

Dollar General digital coupons from the Dollar General coupon app are the best reason to shop at Dollar General. Digital coupons are often referred to as DQ's.   We pair DG coupons with the weekly DG ad sales to create amazing deals, these deals are updated weekly.  Learn how to coupon at Dollar General to snag your BEST deals.  The Dollar General coupon policy allows coupon stacking, and the best way to save is by pairing manufacturer coupons with store coupons like $5 off $25 purchase. Couponing at Dollar General seems to be the go to store to get some crazy fantastic deals during 2021.  From their clearance sales to dollar isle there is a little something for everyone at Dollar General.

Below you will find Dollar General Penny Shopping List. We try to update this Dollar General Penny List every week when new items are scheduled to penny out. YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY ON THESE. To learn how to penny shop at Dollar General go here

Penny Shopping

Early Ad Previews

Here are the latest and greatest deals for Dollar General. You will find advertised and unadvertised deals here. Remember that prices may vary by region. 

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