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Dollar General Couponing and Deals 2023

Are you a savvy shopper looking to save some serious cash on your next shopping trip? Look no further than Dollar General! With its wide selection of affordable products and frequent sales, Dollar General is the perfect place for budget-conscious shoppers. But did you know that by using store coupons, paper coupons, and the DG App, you can stretch your dollar even farther. We'll show you how to get started with couponing at Dollar General and share tips for finding the best deals. Get ready to become a pro at saving money and getting more bang for your buck at Dollar General!


With thousands of convenient locations, Dollar General is one of the best places to score great deals and weekly savings.  


The best way to save at Dollar General is by using digital coupons from the Dollar General coupon app. At Crazy For Couponing, we pair Dollar General coupons with their weekly sales to create even better deals.  Learn how to coupon at Dollar General today! The Dollar General coupon policy allows coupon stacking, this is allowing the use of Dollar General Store Coupons and the use of manufacturer coupons. This means essentially you can use two coupons on eligible items.  Dollar General also has a great store coupon that they put out to use specifically on Saturdays,  it is a store coupon that you can stack with your other coupons and score some great savings. You can get the weekly Dollar General Deal info RIGHT HERE.  Dollar General deals are some of the best deals when it comes to coupon shopping but, there are several other ways to expand your savings and shopping experience.  Let's check out all the ways to 


Clearance Sales; several times a year DG has these clearance sales where clearance items are an additional 50% off.  These are called Clearance Events. 


Instant savings; every week you can find instant savings deals.  These can be found on anything from personal care to household cleaning items.  Instant savings is instantly saving a dollar amount off of specific items after buying a specific threshold (dollar amount or quantity) You can use general digital coupons to lower your final price to a fabulous price. 


Penny Shopping; One of the biggest draws of DG Coupon shopping is Penny Shopping. Although this does not require you to use any coupon deal it has been known to find great penny items that has had an attaching dg store coupon giving some great coupon overage.  You can find the weekly penny list here at Crazy For Couponing. 


With low everyday prices, dg coupons stacking with additional coupons,  great way to score general savings just by putting your phone number in at checkout.  You can find the full breakdown of the weeks best deals and ad scans of the weekly ads for Dollar General RIGHT HERE.  


Happy Shopping


By using your mobile devices you can get some great coupons by downloading the dollar general app; Make sure you have joined our Facebook group to stay up to date with the best Dollar General Deals.  Dollar General will become one of your favorite stores to coupon shop at. 

Dollar General digital coupons from the Dollar General coupon app are the best reason to shop at Dollar General. Digital coupons are often referred to as DQ's.   We pair DG coupons with the weekly DG ad sales to create amazing deals, these deals are updated weekly.  Learn how to coupon at Dollar General to snag your BEST deals.  The Dollar General coupon policy allows coupon stacking, and the best way to save is by pairing manufacturer coupons with store coupons like $5 off $25 purchase. Couponing at Dollar General seems to be the go to store to get some crazy fantastic deals during 2023.  From their clearance sales to dollar isle there is a little something for everyone at Dollar General.

Penny Shopping

Early Ad Previews

Here are the latest and greatest deals for Dollar General. You will find advertised and unadvertised deals here. Remember that prices may vary by region. 

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