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Dollar General $5/$25 Scenarios for Saturday, 07/20

Updated: Jul 14

Dollar General $5/$25 Scenarios for Saturday 07/13/2024
Dollar General $5/$25 Scenarios for Saturday 07/13/2024

Dollar General $5/$25 Scenarios for Saturday 07/20/2024

Here are some digital deals for Saturday 07/13/2024; Check back everyday as we will be adding all week. Make sure you are following our Facebook group to get even more deals everyday.

These deals use all digital coupons unless otherwise specified.

What you need to know about the Saturday $5/$25 Dollar General Digital Coupon.

It will not come off in your app before Saturday.

It may not come off in your app on Saturday., but as long as you get to the qualifying threshold of $25 it will come off at the register.

Your total must be $25.00 AFTER instant savings and before coupons and before taxes.

What is instant savings? It is the savings that is automatically applied when you buy qualifying items. The most common is the $4.00 instant savings when you spend $20.00 on cottonelle, viva.

In the case you have instant savings, you must add the savings you will be receiving to your $25.00, IE if you are savings $4.00 you must spend $29.00= $4.00 + $25.00=$29.00

Once you have done your transaction, you may be confused as to whether or not your $5.00 came off. Your $5.00 coupon will show as a percentage under each item on your receipt as a STORE DISCOUNT. Add your store discounts up, and they should equal $5.00

If you have the $3/$15.00 clipped, that will come off first as the lowest coupon comes off first.

DO NOT RELY ON THE APP TO GIVE YOU THE CORRECT PRICE. Your app will give you the regular shelf price then show a discount in the total a lot of times, to get the correct price, take a piece of paper and write down your items, clip the coupon, and then get to your $25.00 threshold with the sale price. A common one that is often miscalculated is the cereal. The price is $3.00 in the app, but is on sale for 2 for $5.00, your app will calculate $6.00 for two boxes then show in the end that you are $1.00 more towards the $25.00. This will often make the $5.00 NOT come off. You want to make sure that you have the sale prices, this can be done by checking DEALS AVAIBALE under the product or by looking at the most recent ad.

Keep checking back as we will be adding more scenarios as we go.

Dollar General Digital Couponing Saturday Scenarios For 07/20/2024

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