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Let me take a moment to introduce myself, I am a stay at home mom of four very busy boys and a very busy husband. I started couponing about 18 years ago when I started working a full time job at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore MD.  After putting out money for lunches etc I was looking at the Sunday paper where I noticed coupons for all the items I packed for lunch. Back then coupons were high value and very rarely had an expiration date,  I took a little break when I got married with being busy, but when the hubby decided he was going to put me on a "budget" lol, I decided to start couponing again. He gave me cash and whatever I saved I saved for myself. This created a monster because the more money I saved the more couponing I did. That takes me to the current day. I have taught coupon classes, shopped for others. and started a nice little stock pile for my family. I am excited to help everyone start to learn and save money. As times have changed, I have focused on me and the things I love. Although I love providing deals for everyone, I have learned to live by the moto that I will save on almost everything so I can splurge on the things I love. 

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