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Dollar General Clearance Event


Several times throughout the year, Dollar General hosts clearance sales also known as clearance events. It is important to pay attention to the details of the sale, as sometimes these will include different sections of the store.  Clearance sales are the ways that stores get rid of items that are no longer needed such as seasonal items and clearance items located in the clearance section with the orange sticker . This is a great time to score home decor, everyday items, and more. Here is everything you need to know about the clearance sales at Dollar General.


First make sure you are following our Facebook page to stay up to date with all the clearance updates. 


Know what is included in the Dollar General Clearance Sale.  These sales happen often but the big clearance events is where it is at. These sales will include clearance stuff with an orange price sticker on clearance items. These are often CORE items. CORE items are everyday items such as household items like laundry items, paper items, diapers, personal care items and more. 


​CORE; Core items are items found throughout the store that are everyday items in the store. These are items that are not seasonal and can be found in the store everyday. 

POG; This is planogram items, also often considered everyday items. PLANOGRAM is the way the shelves are set up. This is often a plan, or "map" of how the store is to set up specific items in the store.

Seasonal; Seasonal items are just that, seasonal.  These are the items wearing a color shape such as blue dots, red dots, yellow stars etc on the boxes or tags of the items. 

Lately since COVID, we have seen most clearance sales include hand sanitizers and select masks included. 


If this is your first time to one of these clearance events you may have some questions, here are the most common questions;


How do I know if my store is participating?

Most stores participate but many stores will say they have no idea about the sale.  As always this is a YMMV; That means EVERY store SHOULD be participating but some say they are not. This is due to lack of training on the stores part as the manager most of the time does not check emails and or gets store ready.  The day of, most of the time the extra clearance price IE; 50% off yellow sticker price has to be over ridden.  Just be patient and if your store says they are not participating, just go to another one.  Scan products in your Dollar General app the day of the sale and check to see if it is giving the 50% off the clearance sticker.  You can also ask for a price check by one of the employees. 


Can I use coupons on clearance items?

 As long as the coupon does not exclude coupons, you can use them. 


What can I do to prepare for a clearance event?

Check out your store for the clearance section items. Take pics and look at UPC numbers. Check to see what your store has in the clearance section that you can use coupons on. As long as the coupon does not exclude coupons, you can use them. 


Why does the clearance price look like a regular price?

Clearance items do not always include cheap items, these are items that are discontinued due to packaging etc, so they may be regular price or very close to the regular price.  The clearance sale is a way to get rid of these items. 


When is the next clearance sale?

We never know when the next clearance sale is until the info come down from corp. This normally happens on a Friday when the emails are sent out for new markdowns and the new penny items. Once we get confirmation, we will post the info for you. 


Tips & Tricks For The Clearance Sale


-Go Early-Beat the crowds to get the best deals


-Check back often-some stores have so much inventory that they will be stocking and  restocking


-Turn in WIFI before stepping into store to scan items.


-Be organized


-Be nice to the workers they are just as frustrated

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