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CVS is about one of the absolute best pharmacy/drug stores to rack up the savings. Apply for a Extra Savings Card to obtain these awesome deals. Look for deals that give Extra Care Bucks (ECB'S), essentially CVS Cash to spend on your next transaction. Also look for the CVS Savings

Center or "Red Machine" in

store to print out CVS

Store coupons that can be

stacked with

manufacturer coupons

for even

more savings. Take a look at

the pic to the right, as

CVS is now offering


coupons in their app.




The first thing you will want to do is obtain a Extra Care Card from your local CVS or online at CVS.COM.  You will not get your discounts or earn ECB's without an ExtraCare card.


What are ECB'S? ECB's or Extra Care Bucks, these are savings that is earned by buying participating items. You can use these "savings" on future transactions. Essentially it is CVS cash and can be rolled to your next transaction. There is no waiting time on these ECB's after earned.


After receiving your ECC (EXTRACARE CARD)you will want to set up your account by downloading the CVS app. Your CVS app will allow you to check your points balance and also get special coupons added to your card. 


After setting that up, make a visit to the instant savings center or redbox.  

This is the CVS redbox. Scan your CVS card here inside your store to get extra coupons.

You also can now input your telephone number. The coupons printed from 

​the redbox are CVS coupons and can be stacked with manufacturer coupons.


Now that you have set up you account and got some coupons from the instant savings center it's time to get to the basics of CVS coupon shopping. You can stack CVS store coupons and manufacturer coupons together to get even more savings.  Look for the deals where you earn ECB's this is going to give you even more savings.  When reaching ECB's CVS has an awesome 98% rule, where as if your total needs to be $20.00 to get an ECB, if you spend $19.90 your ECB will still print.  Your ECB can be used on your next transaction which people call rolling your ECB.  CVS sale's run from Sunday-Saturday. Some stores have early activation, this is when Sunday's sale starts the evening before. This varies by store and area etc and should be discussed with your local store before assuming your store is on that does this. 


Enroll in CVS beauty club. This will earn you points with all the beauty items you buy. 

10% off beauty shopping pass after enrollment
$5 ExtraBucks Rewards for every $50 spent on beauty
$3 ExtraBucks Rewards on your birthday
Exclusive emails with coupons, tips and new product info
Plus it's FREE to join! 

What qualify's?

Qualifying beauty purchases include cosmetics, fragrances, hair accessories, hair appliances, hair care, hair color, healthy skin care, and sun skin care. body wash & hand soap also reported included.  Your amount spent on qualifying items will tally at the end of your receipt, but it takes a couple of days to update.


So let's recap:


1. Sign up for a CVS Extra Care Card; Online or In Store.

2. Register your card online and by downloading the CVS App.

3. Scan your card at the CVS savings center/ red machine.

4. Earn ECB's

5. Roll ECB's 


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