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***UPDATED***Dollar General Clearance Event 08/04-08/06---WITH LIST

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Dollar General Clearance Event 08/04-08/06

A Dollar General Clearance Event was just announced. 08/04-08/06 there will be a CORE & Seasonal clearance event. This means it will be an additional 50% the current price. NOT 50% off whatever the item is ringing up or showing in the app.

Remember with all clearance everything is your store specific. This means whatever your store has right now in the clearance section will be 50% additional off.

This is a CORE and Seasonal Event which means you will get an extra 50% off all clearance section items. CORE items are the everyday items like the laundry detergent, personal care items etc.

CURRENT SEASONAL CLEARNACE; THIS MEANS IT WILL BE AN EXTRA 50% the lowest price that it is RIGHT NOW. SO the Purple Dot would be 50% off the original price then an additional 50% off that price. THIS PRICE WILL SHOW IN APP.

Purple Dot Home 50%- See Purple Dot Visuals HERE

Memorial Day Home – 50% off

Green Star Socks - 50% off

Memorial Day 70%

Summer BBQ 25% (food)

What can you do to prepare?

Check out your clearance section and see what they have. Get your coupons ready. BE THERE EARLY. Take pictures of what your store has in its clearance section to check to see of there are any coupons that you can use with these items.

WHERE; Dollar General Stores; As always this is a YMMV; That means EVERY store SHOULD be participating but some say they are not. This is due to lack of training on the stores part as the manager most of the time does not check emails and or gets store ready. The day of, most of the time the extra clearance price IE; 50% off yellow sticker price has to be over ridden. Just be patient and if your store says they are not participating, just go to another one.

WHEN: August 04-August 06

Here is the CORE list that was attached to the announcement today. We have some of the best members who send us these lists so BIG THANKS to them. This is the NEW CORE items to sticker.

This means ANYTHING in your clearance section now will be an extra 50% off. This means it is 50% off the sticker price, AGAIN 50% OFF STICKER PRICE.

CURRENT CORE ITEM CLEARANCE; THIS DOES NOT MEAN THIS IS THE ONLY THING IN THE SALE. REMEMBER TO CHECK YOUR STORE. The pics are some of the items at my store RIGHT NOW. SO this is why it is important to check your store out.

Hanes Reusable Face Masks - 70% off

Accessories Kids Face Mask Black 5ct - 194959083570

Accessories Kids Face Mask White 5ct - 194959082290

Accessories Kids Face Mask Gray 5ct - 194959083518

NC Picnic Paper – 10% off

Dixie Paper Bowl Ed Sumr 10oz 36ct – 42000165396

Dixie Paper Plate Ed Sumr 10in 26ct – 42000165433

Dixie Paper Plate Ed Sumr 8.5in 38ct – 42000165419

Reusable Face Masks & Accessories - 50% off

Accessories Face Cvrng Ast 5ct - 794434450585

Accessories 5pk Adult Msks Asst 5ct - 195606004610

Accessories Bandana Ast 1ct - 719175060428

Accessories Bandana Print 1ct - 430001354008

Accessories Bandana Rd/Bl/Bk 3ct - 794434441583

Accessories Bandana Solid Ast CS-1ct - 430001180850

Accessories Bandana Wt/Gry/Bk 3ct - 794434441538

Accessories Face Mask Ast 1ct - 430001359928

Accessories Face Mask Ast 1ct - 794434435421

Accessories Face Mask Days of Week Ast-5ct - 794434441545

Accessories Face Mask Kids 5ct - 794434441552

Accessories Face Mask PDQ 1ct - 794434441590

Accessories Face Mask PDQ Ast-lct - 190744917136

Select Air Care (Non-Core) – 25% off

Febreze – Air Spray (Peach) 8.8oz – 37000684343

Glade – Air Spray (Cotton Cloud) 8oz – 46500036903

Glade – Air Spray (Lilac) 8oz – 46500036934

Glade – Candle (Strawberry) 2ct-6.8oz – 46500036835

Select ASOTV – 10% off

ASOTV Cable Sorter 1ct - 850014384325

ASOTV Flare Lizard 1ct - 97298156663

ASOTV Foot File Egg 1ct - 97298012723

ASOTV Gummies Fruits/Veggies 1ct - 97298054211

ASOTV Holder Cup/Phone 1ct - 740275059265

ASOTV Phone Holder Cameraman 1ct – 810025091699

ASOTV Plug Extender 1ct - 735541062223

ASOTV Pro Power 1ct – 80313077814


How to enter barcode number into app manually

This means ANYTHING in your clearance section now will be an extra 50% off. This means it is 50% off the sticker price, AGAIN 50% OFF STICKER PRICE.

Tips & Tricks to be successful for the upcoming clearance event

-Make sure your app is updated before going to the sale

-Make sure you get there early but check back often as some stores have a ton of overstock clearance items and may be restocking

-Scan your items, it should show 50% off the stickered price, so if the sticker says $2.00 it should show $1.00 in the app. If your store has signs hung and your app still shows $2.00 you can kindly ask the manager if it is supposed to be an extra 50% off the $2.00.

-IT WILL NOT BE AN EXTRA 50% whatever the app shows. So if the app shows $1.00 and sticker says $2.00, IT IS $1.00, NOT 50% off $1.00

-IF EMPLOYEES SAY THEY HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT A CLEARANCE SALE or They are not participating, do not go by their word alone. Scan items from the clearance section. A lot of employees do not know about the sale, nor do they ever.

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Judy Pettus
27 juil. 2023

Thank you !!

Marvinette Hale
Marvinette Hale
27 juil. 2023
En réponse à

Your welcome!


Helen Willoughby
Helen Willoughby
27 juil. 2023

Wow, thanks so much!!!

Marvinette Hale
Marvinette Hale
27 juil. 2023
En réponse à

Your very welcome


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