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Dollar General and IBOTTA Partnership Announced 01/20/2023

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Dollar General & Ibotta Team Up.

Have you seen this pop up in your DG APP Wallet?

DG and Ibotta have teamed up like we announced earlier in the year, but is this a great thing? We are understanding that this will be just like Walmart plus where you cannot use coupons along with the rebates in the app. SO, what does that mean exactly? You know how right now there is a $2.00 off digital coupon along with a $1.00 Ibotta rebate for Finish Dishwashing tabs making it a cheap deal? In the future you will only be allowed to use one or the other. This also means that less digital coupons will be available since manufacturers offer the digital coupons and the rebates. So how will this work exactly?

You will see these offers in your DG app. You will select these offers before you go to the store. You will have to link your DG account and Ibotta account before hand. Once you purchase the item, you will then be credited the money into your DG account. This can be found under your DG wallet. This "cash" can be used on future purchases at DG.

A NEW partnership may help shoppers that are looking to cut costs.

Dollar General shoppers can already start taking advantage of this collaboration. According to the press release, "consumers can currently receive cash back rewards on thousands of items at Dollar General through Ibotta's platform." And by spring 2023, the discount retailer said that customers should be able to get these cash back rewards directly through the Dollar General app and website.

Dollar General is partnering with Ibotta, a tech company, that will offer cash-back options to all customers.

While inflation rates have fallen from the extreme high of 9.1 percent in June 2022, it’s still very high.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, inflation was up by 6.5 percent in December compared to last year.

Shoppers have been feeling the hurt in their wallets as they’re paying more for groceries than in recent years.

“It just signals that consumers continue to be cost-conscious,” said Matt Shay, the chief executive for the National Retail Federation.

“They're feeling it. They're aware of the pressures of managing their daily, weekly, monthly expenses.”

However, Dollar General is hoping to help shoppers stretch their budgets.

“We are excited to provide an additional innovative option for our customers to help stretch their budgets,” said Emily Taylor, the executive vice president, and chief merchandising officer at Dollar General.

“Ibotta’s cash back rewards program further complements our continuous efforts to provide financial offerings and rewards to customers alongside our everyday low prices.”

Dollar General will join the Ibotta Performance Network [IPN], a digital network that allows promotions to be delivered across retailers, large third-party publisher sites, and Ibotta’s direct-to-consumer properties.

Dollar General will be the first retailer to join the IPN.

Customers can currently get cash-back rewards on thousands of items at Dollar General through Ibotta’s platform and expect their rewards directly through the DG app and website by spring 2023.

“Dollar General has enjoyed explosive growth because of its innovative approach to helping consumers stretch their budgets,” said Ibotta’s found and CEO, Bryan Leach.

“Partnering with like-minded brands is a priority for us, and Dollar General is deeply committed to creating maximum value for their customers through seamless, customized programs that help save them even more money.”

Customers can expect cash-back rewards through the Dollar General app

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