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Sweets & Treats for Your Valentine

Updated: Jan 14

Sweets & Treats for Your Valentine
Sweets & Treats for Your Valentine

Homemade Valentine Treats

Valentine’s Day is such a wonderful time to treat all those you love. Nothing says I love you more than something you made yourself. Here you will find a fantastic list of Valentine’s Day treats. Put them in a basket, serve them for dessert or make enough to share with others but definitely try something new.

Nestle Crunch Hearts by Sheri Silver

These are so easy to make – you only need a few ingredients. These delightful nuggets of chocolate crunch are the perfect treat to tuck into a Valentine’s Day gift basket.

Strawberry Paleo Fudge Bites by Powered by Mom

If your Valentine is eating a bit healthier this year then they will love your for making them some of these scrumptious strawberry fudge bites.

Healthy Dessert Smoothie; Smoothies N Cookies

Smoothies are so sweet and satisfying that sometimes we even confuse them for desserts!

If you fancy a delicious and healthy dessert, you have to make this dessert smoothie.

As a bonus, it doesn’t need a banana, and there are numerous different ways you can make it!

It doesn’t get any easier to make cookies than starting with a cake mix. Add some white chocolate chips and you have cookies that taste like you made everything from scratch.


Conversation Heart Marshmallow Pops by The Soccer Mom Blog.Marshmallow heart pops are wonderful put to gather as a bouquet for Valentine’s Day. White and pink melting chocolate awaits a marshmallow on a lollipop stick. Decorating them is fun!

Popcorn, pretzels, M&M and other crunchy snacks come together in a luscious chocolate covered mix. Popcorn lovers are going to be so happy when they find this tucked in with their Valentine’s Day goodies.

Cupcakes are so fun! Dark chocolate chips make for a lavish chocolate cupcake topped with a cherry butter cream frosting that is amazing. And there best part really is the cherry on top!

February can still be pretty cold in many places and hot chocolate is still on the menu. This is a cute one for the little Valentines in your life. Whip cream and this sweet conversation hearts add a fun twist to this treat.

These would be great to make with the kids to share with their class for Valentine’s day. Candy melts and plastic spoons are the base for this cute treat. Just make sure you make extra.

Poke cakes are so easy to customize and this strawberry one makes the perfect Valentine’s Day dessert. For dinner or for brunch it’s a sweet treat that the whole family will enjoy.

No need for anyone to miss out this Valentine’s Day and they won’t have to with these delicious cinnamon cookies. They are gluten free and dairy free so even those with food allergies can enjoy a special treat.

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