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pOpshelf Penny Items 09/27/2023

Check out some of the items you can get at pOpshelf. Not familiar with pOpshelf check out everything you need to know about pOpshelf!

pOpshelf does not have an app to scan, but you can scan items through your dg app when you choose a Dollar General market and pOpshelf combo store. So you need tofind a combo store in order to scan your items.

Directions for changing to Dollar General Market + pOpshelf

1.Open your app

2. Change Store location to 2907 US-31W, White House, TN 37188: use the zipcode to search for local store then choose the above address. This will signal your app that you are at a combo store and should be able to scan pOpshelf labels.

Penny shopping at pOpshelf works exactly like Dollar General. These are items that have went to the highest markdown and now should be taken off the shelf.

Check all of the 4th of July items, Summer items, the summer colored kitchen items, the taco line items. I will post pics, but I do not have the UPC for some of the kitchen items. JUST SCAN SCAN SCAN. There is not a technical list like DG

Here are some penny items that I do not have UPC for.

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