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pOpshelf- Everything You Need To Know About shopping at pOpshelf

Despite Dollar General owning pOpshelf, shopping at pOpshelf is not like visiting Dollar General. You probably think of penny items and messy stores when you think of Dollar General. pOpshelf stores are attempting to create a completely new kind of discount store experience.

It's a great place to find limited-time merchandise, seasonal items, beauty products, and living room decor. In Popshelf, we've found popular brands like Rae Dunn, as well as Dollar General's store brand items. So just what should you expect when you walk into a Popshelf store? Here's everything you need to know!

What is pOpshelf?

The first Popshelf store opened in Nashville, Tennessee, in the fall of 2020. Dollar General owns PopShelf with a vision of bringing a higher standard of discount shopping. It is a cross between Five Below and the Dollar Spot at Target for me. I say this because most of the merchandise is super cute with an emphasis on savings. Although the stores have a limited number of locations, according to Dollar General, by the end of the 2025 fiscal year, there will be more then 1,000 of these awesome stores out there.

What can you find at pOpshelf?

Seasonal items, beauty, living decor, & more can be found in pOpshelf, but what makes this store better then DG? The store is so incredibly organized with super cute displays like what you would see at a Dollar General NCI store.

Does pOpshelf have clearance sales and penny items?

YES! pOpshelf has both penny items and seasonal clearance. You can get some crazy deals with the clearance at pOpshelf. Most stores will have a clearance section with items properly marked with the percentage off the regular price of the items. pOpshelf also has penny items. They are not as frequent as Dollar General in every week, but they can be found. These are items that have reached its highest clearance and are supposed to be removed from the shelf.

Can I scan items at pOpshelf?

Yes and No. pOpshelf does not have an app to scan, but you can scan items through your dg app when you choose a Dollar General market and pOpshelf combo store. So you need tofind a combo store in order to scan your items.

Directions for changing to Dollar General Market + pOpshelf

1.Open your app

2. Change Store location to 2907 US-31W, White House, TN 37188: use the zipcode to search for local store then choose the above address. This will signal your app that you are at a combo store and should be able to scan pOpshelf labels.

Get a free reward box when you sign up for Popshelf Rewards.

Sign up for a pOpshelf account and they will send you a barcode that you take to your local pOpshelf store to get your free reward box. You can choose from five different reward box category's. You can choose from beauty items, candles, stationery items, snacks, or bath products in your Popshelf Rewards box

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