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Check Out These Penny Snowmen! YES JUST ONE CENT

Check your Dollar General for some stores are putting out Christmas decor and some of these snowmen are being put out with the new merch. These snowman have F22 tags are ringing up $0.01. MAKE SURE THE TAG SAYS F22. There are new ones being put out with F23 tags that are full price. The snowmen with santa hat and top hat both have the same UPC number. I do not have the UPC for the stacked but will post as soon as i get it.

Did you know there are other places that you can penny shop at? YES there are a couple other stores you can find penny deals.

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Helen Willoughby
Helen Willoughby
Sep 20, 2023

Good info, been looking, ain't found any yet!

Marvinette Hale
Marvinette Hale
Sep 20, 2023
Replying to

Keep looking :) I hope you find one of these cuties


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