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North Carolina Dollar General Remodel List For Sunday October 22, 2023

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

North Carolina Dollar General Remodel List For Sunday October 22, 2023

Here is the list for some of the stores remodeling in North Carolina. If yours is scheduled to remodel and not on the list, that is ok, we do not get the entire lists sent. This list is for stores that are to close Sunday October 22, 2023 according to our info. We are given info and look on our end, so these lists are not a guarantee, but they follow all the characteristics of a remodel.

Remember that if you are checking out a store that is set to remodel the sale will be the Sunday before closure. This means you check the app around 2 am Sunday the day of remodel to see if your store pennies the items.

If your store is remodeling the frozen food should be 50% on Monday the week before the big sale.

Here is a frozen Food UPC you can check; This has been the one that has always came up half off for me. Your frozen food should be 50% at this point. Frozen food does not penny MOST times. So you will want to grab your frozen food when it is 50% off.

Dollar General Remodel

Here are some UPC Codes to check out: These are items that often penny. If these show up after 2 a.m. Sunday the week following the frozen food discount, you know to show up at the store before opening.

True Living Candle Meyer Lemon, 3oz

Dollar General Remodel
Dollar General Remodel

Pro Strength Yoga Mat 672125047804

Pro Strength Plate weight 672125072684

Kettlebell 672125047798

Not sure exactly what to look for? Check out our Dollar General remodel guide.

Here are the Dollar Generals Remodeling that you will want to be on the lookout for remodeling. These were confirmed to have the candle and wax melts at 50%. SO you will want to check the store for freezer items at 50% off

What do you do next?

GO TO THE STORE and check out the freezer section, are things 50% off? This is a better indication that the big sale will be the upcoming Sunday

check the app after 2 am EST to see if these items pennied. If they did not, check your app again to see if the freezer section has discounted.

Dollar General #1440

416 N Jackson St

Beulaville NC 28518

Dollar General #16390

8921 Us Highway 17

Pollocksville NC 28573

Dollar General #4396

1512 Piney Green Rd

Jacksonville NC 28546

Dollar General #15720

5086 Richlands Hwy

Jacksonville NC 28540

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