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Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Dollar General Tags & What they mean
Dollar General Tags, Shapes, Colors, & What they mean


If you shop at Dollar General you may have noticed that Dollar General Tags have colored symbols on them. These can be stars, dots, squares in colors like yellow, brown, grey and more. What you may be wondering is what the heck these symbols mean, We have all the info you need to know on what these symbols mean.

Symbol and Color tags symbolize what season and sometimes department these items belong to. This is a way to organize these items for where they go in the store, clearance, and even penny items. You will often see a sign that says 50% off Summer Brown Dot Items. You will look for the summer items that have the brown dot 🟤. See below an example of the signs you will see hanging in the store. Most of the time it will be pretty specific like 50% off Brown Dot Home, so you will look for the brown dots on the price tags and look for home items, pillows, decor etc. Items with shapes/colors are considered NON CORE items, which mean these are items that are seasonal and not kept in the store year round. You will see items in the stores that have no shape or color etc, these symbolize core items, year round store items and are normally kept in a specific place. Seasonal or non core items normally have a special place in the store.

Also during these sales you will see signs saying 50% off Summer. So how do you determine what is summer and what is not. The price tags will also have the year and department listed on them. Like this:

What do they colors on Dollar General Tags Mean
How to read Dollar General Tags

Each tag will tell you what it belongs to.

BTS = Back to School

F = Fall

FW = Fall/Winter

MHF = Must Haves Fall

MHS = Must Haves Spring

S = Summer

SP = Spring

SS = Spring/Summer

SW = Summer/Winter

What do the Dollar General Tags mean
Dollar General Tags and How to read them

Sometimes you will see POG-That is planogram, the planogram is a plan or "map" of how the shelfs are supposed to be stocked. It will give the person stacking the shelves everything they need to know to organize the shelfs department wide so each store shows consistency. This is done to help customers navigate through each Dollar General in the same fashion. When it comes to the sales that include POG this would be shelf items, so this means ANYTHING to be honest but in the past they have been more CORE items, or everyday items like diapers, laundry etc.

What does POG mean for Dollar General
Dollar General Planogram

All of this will make it easier to find the items that are listed in the sales and pennies.

We hope that you find this guide helpful and useful. Please leave a like and or comment to let us know so we can continue to bring you the info you are looking for.

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Samantha Smitherman
Samantha Smitherman
29 apr.

How can I find the old posts to see the old lists to possibly find them still in store.


Rhonda Doty
Rhonda Doty
16 mrt.

Is the site in fb that's said don't miss our .99 cent sale with some prices 2.99 and higher is that sure a scam.


03 nov. 2023

Love ❤️


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