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How To Find Dollar General Remodels in Your Area

Finding a Dollar General Remodel Store Near You

Are you ready to embark on a treasure hunt for the hottest Dollar General remodels near you? Look no further because we've got the ultimate guide lined up just for you! Whether you're a seasoned bargain hunter or someone looking to spruce up their shopping routine, this blog post will reveal the secret weapons - BrickSeek and the Dollar General app - that will lead you straight to those newly scheduled remodeled stores. Get your detective hat on and let's dive into an exciting adventure of finding Dollar General remodels like never before!

Here is your step by step guide to finding a Dollar General Remodel Store Near You.

Step 2; Decide how far you are willing to travel

Step 3; Obtain Zip Codes For Your Surrounding Areas

Step 4; Check inventory on the most common items that go half off before the big Sunday Sale; The True Living Items will discount about three weeks to a month before the closing day of the remodel. The frozen foods will discount to 50% one-two weeks later. These will show discount of 50% the Monday they discount. The big sale is always one week prior to the day of closing. The store will normally close on a Sunday so the big sale will be the Sunday prior to closing.

I use BRICKSEEK to check several stores in one zip code. The free version will bring up about 3-4 options and the paid version will bring up 8-10. I use the paid version because it takes less time for me to find the remodels.

This is one of the items of the True Living that will discount at 50% off first


Find the True Living items at 50%; Wait until the following Monday and see if the frozen food has discounted. Do the pot pies shows 50% off?

Yes; check in your app by changing the location to that store and just put in the search frozen food. A list of frozen food should show more items at 50% off. Also check Mossy Oak, Pro Strength, this will be also a double check that the other items that often discount at a remodel is 50%. Now not all Mossy Items will discount, for me it was the belts, boxers, and long sleeve shirts. You will then want to wait until the following Sunday after 2 am to see if these items show $0.00, if they do, that means it is a go. If not, wait until the following Sunday after 2 am and check again to see if those items penny. Keep in mind frozen food does not penny so if you live close it will be worth the trip to score some 50% off freezer items and chit chat with the workers for the deets on the sale.

No? Wait until the next Monday and check again until they go 50%

These are just some examples of frozen food you may see in your app or online that may be half off. Remember that not all stores discount the same items so this is a YMMV situation.

Once you know that these CORE items have pennied after 2 am the Sunday of the big sale, you need to know what to expect at the big sale.


Get there early! Some people show up as early as 3-4 am to get in line.

People travel and go in groups to get the deals, so you may wanna get some friends or family to go with you.

Be prepared to see the crazy. Most remodels go seamlessly but there are some shoppers that are brutal and can be a bit crazy. Just be prepared.

Take bags that you can carry stuff in as apparently the carts are few and far between that day.

Know what section of the store you want to go to. Some like to go straight to the craft section, some go to the housewares.

Choose wisely, remember that this is items you will be stuck with, so if it truly is something you will use then go for it, but some people get obsessed and caught up and buy stuff that is useless to them and many others.

HAVE FUN. This is the key to doing this for the experience or just to have fun,

Check your store after it reopens often as stock will come back in that may have pennied recently and it is being restocked.

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