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2023 So Chic Collective Holiday Gift Guide #SOCHIC

Updated: Nov 20

2023 So Chic Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the most stylish and coveted gift guide of the year! As we gear up for the 2023 holiday season, So Chic Collective proudly presents our hand-picked selection of chicest gifts that will make your loved ones swoon with delight. From luxurious fashion accessories to cutting-edge tech gadgets, we have scoured high and low to bring you only the crème de la crème of this year's trends. Get ready to elevate your gifting game and leave a lasting impression with our carefully curated collection. Whether you're shopping for family, friends, or even yourself (we won't tell!), prepare to be inspired by our ultimate showcase of elegance and sophistication. Let's dive into this treasure trove of grandeur as we unveil the must-have items that will define style in 2023 – because why settle for ordinary when extraordinary awaits?

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions-SAVE 10% With Code HOLIDAYM10

Get ready to unleash your inner goddess with Irresistible Me Hair Extensions - the ultimate secret weapon for irresistible volume and jaw-dropping hair! Say goodbye to flat, lifeless locks and hello to instant va-va-voom that will leave you feeling like a superstar. Our top-quality extensions are designed to seamlessly blend with your natural hair, giving you that enviable fullness and bounce you've always dreamed of. With Irresistible Me Hair Extensions, achieving fabulous hair has never been easier. Get ready to turn heads, make hearts race, and feel absolutely unstoppable. Dare to be irresistible!


Birdfy Nest - Dual Camera Smart Bird House; Dual HD Close-up Cameras

Are you a bird enthusiast on the lookout for an extraordinary gift that will take your passion for birdwatching to soaring new heights? Well, look no further! Introducing the Birdfy Nest - a revolutionary innovation in the world of birdhouses. With its Dual HD Close-up Cameras, this exceptional creation allows you to witness nature's marvels up close and personal like never before. Get ready to embark on a mesmerizing journey as we unveil the hidden wonders of our feathered friends right in your very own backyard!

With two cameras capturing both the exterior and interior views of the birdhourse, you can observe birds from various angles and witness their stunning details up close. The Birdfy Nest brings you a unique and immersive bird-watching experience, revealing the hidden wonders of nature right in your own backyard.


lumiNIR 4-n-1

Portable Light Therapy Skin Renewal Wand

Put a gentle but powerful treatment in the palm of your hand and take it wherever you go. Affectionately called the “lumi,” this low-level light therapy (LLLT) tool features the breakthrough LED technology first introduced in Sunlighten’s 3 in 1 infrared saunas. Get on-the-go treatments from one hand-held wand with four LED options—near infrared, red light, near infrared/red light combo and blue light.

This type of light therapy stems from nature’s age-old process of stimulating growth. LLLT uses specific light rays to deliver gentle energy to cells in the skin. The process is called “photobiomodulation,” which involves using specific light wave energy to initiate positive photochemical changes. Our cell’s mitochondria (our body’s “battery”) absorb this energy and initiate biochemical responses like cell growth. It’s a safe and intensely studied light science.

To purchase, please visit:



Are you feeling the aftermath of the holiday hustle and bustle, with tensions still running high and muscles sore from all the festivities? Well, we've got just the solution to relive your pain and melt away those post-holiday blues. Introducing the Beurer Digital EMS + TENS Device – a game-changing 2-in-1 device that combines both TENS and EMS functions for ultimate pain relief or muscle stimulation. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a newfound sense of relaxation as we dive into the incredible features of this versatile device.


SproutWorld Plantable Pencils Give waste a new life as food this holiday season with SproutWorld plantable pencils that make the perfect eco-friendly gift for family, friends, co-workers, children, gardeners, cooking enthusiasts and more. The company behind the world's first patented, plantable pencil has launched two new editions - Kitchen and Herb - with seeds that grow into melon, arugula, parsley, cucumber and eggplant. From pencil to table, you can turn them into something edible and delicious after you're done using them. It’s the gift that keeps on growing and can make everyone a successful kitchen gardener and cook!

All Sprout pencils are B Corp certified, vegan-friendly and made with certified wood sourced from responsibly managed forests, graphite, clay and non-GMO seeds. Each package contains a simple-to-follow plant guide for users to plant, watch and grow in as little as one to four weeks.

The best part is you can customize Sprout plantable pencils with free design templates provided the by the company or create your own pencil design with your choice of logo, text, fonts, icons and more than 16 seeds to choose from. For more information about SproutWorld and its eco-friendly, plantable pencils visit


Pastene Specialty Gift Box

Are you searching for the perfect gift that will leave your loved ones speechless this holiday season? Look no further! We have discovered an incredible present idea that is guaranteed to astonish and delight even the most discerning individuals. Packed with six delectable varieties of pasta, two tantalizing sauces, four gourmet vegetables, and a can of exquisite Tonno (tuna), this extraordinary gift box has it all! And the best part? It's available for just $39.99! Get ready to amaze someone special with this exceptional offering amidst the hustle and bustle of the upcoming festivities. Pastene pasta kits are a fun way to give the gift of a cooking experience! They're packed with different pasta cuts, sauces and ingredients to create a delicious meal at home for any foodie or wannabe chef. There are a variety of pasta gift boxes to choose from and can be purchased on



Enjoy movie night with the family again! Skip or mute what you don't want to see or hear with VidAngel. Filter thousands of movies and TV shows - just connect your streaming services!


The ButterBox ™ eliminates the need for messy butter dishes and knives, and enables you to easily control how much butter you apply. The ButterBox ™ has an innovative patent-pending design that enables you to insert butter with the wrapper on, and to tear off the wrapper as you go. The integrated holder + spreader has convenient tablespoon measurement markings for cutting butter.

The ButterBox ™ is:

  • A terrific GIFT!

  • Made of food-grade BPA-free plastic with a silicone heat guard up to 325°

  • Great for buttering toast, corn, BBQ, and hot skillets (you’ll love it for crepe pans!)

  • Safer than cutting & spreading with a knife

  • A great way to apply butter without crushing your bread

  • Designed to go from refrigerator to countertop in seconds (it’s your butter dish, knife, and applicator all in one!)

  • Smaller footprint in the fridge than every other butter dish we’ve measured!

  • A butter spreader that lets you easily control how much butter you use

  • Dishwasher safe & easy to hand-wash


The Easy Play Sports and Outdoors Bag of Sports Balls

Are You Ready For Endless Hours Of Fun?

If you love sports, a set of branded sports balls is a must. It includes everything you need for training or just an afternoon of sports fun with friends. Unleash your inner soccer, basketball, football, dodgeball, or volleyball player now!

Presenting The Easy Play Sports and Outdoors Bag of Sports Balls

Our complete set of outdoor balls offers all you need for outdoor training on the sports ground but also in the backyard, at school, or in the playground – a branded Football, Soccer Ball, Basketball, Volleyball, and Playground Ball – all in an official size, for optimal training.

The set comes with a ball air pump for easy ball inflation and a spacious carry bag for safe storage and transportation of the sports balls.

It is ideal for athletes of all levels, pro standard and beginners alike, and makes a great gift idea for sports enthusiasts.


Zyllion Rechargeable Neck and Shoulder Massager

The Zyllion Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager provides users with a 4D deep kneading tissue massage that relaxes overused and tight muscles. Equipped with soft, silicone massage nodes, the massager is the perfect way to unwind after a long a day of work. The two arm straps allow you to apply the optimal amount of pressure. You also have a buckle strap that secures under your arms and around your back for a convenient, hands-free massage. Get a massage while you work, watch tv, or cooking at home. The powerful massager features 2 different massage modes and 2 speed levels (for normal mode only) for a different massage sensation. The massage nodes help mimic a true and relaxing hand massage. For even more soothing relief, you can activate the heat function.

Suitable for: Computer users Office workers Athletes People with long, stressful commutes Those seeking stress relief People with neck, shoulder or back pain, muscle fatigue, and poor blood circulation

Benefits and Features: Relieves muscle pain and tension Increases blood circulation Worry free, 90 day money back guarantee 1-year warranty FDA Listed

Makes for the perfect self-care and wellness gift!

Treat your friends, family, loved ones and even yourself to a relaxing and therapeutic massage. It doesn’t matter if you are an office worker or if you are an athlete, anyone can indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with this massager.

Purchase here:


When it comes to planning the perfect holiday getaway, every detail matters, and one often overlooked aspect is the choice of your travel accessories. Clear handbags have emerged as a trendy and practical option for travelers. These transparent bags not only add a touch of style to your vacation ensemble but also offer the convenience of easy security checks at airports and event venues. With clear handbags, you can effortlessly organize your travel essentials, from passports and boarding passes to sunscreen and sunglasses, ensuring a stress-free and fashionable journey from start to finish. So, don't forget to include a clear handbag in your holiday packing list for a hassle-free and chic travel experience.



Photowall, a Swedish company specializing in custom wallpapers and wall murals, offers a wide selection of designs that can be customized to fit specific wall dimensions, including the option to use personal images. Renowned for its strong commitment to environmental sustainability, Photowall employs eco-conscious printing techniques and materials in its manufacturing processes. The company's products are frequently employed to enhance the decor of residences, offices, and various commercial spaces, presenting environmentally responsible and aesthetically pleasing wall coverings.

Easy to assemble and hang, "Foggy Forest" wallpaper offers a detailed and captivating portrayal of a dense, enigmatic forest, perfect for your living room. Crafted using high-quality materials and cutting-edge printing technology, this wallpaper won't fade in sunlight and is environmentally friendly with biodegradable printing ink. It's an unforgettable piece that can instantly transform your space, creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Let "Foggy Forest" redefine the look and feel of your room.


Brillo House Gray Robette

The Robette is a cozy and stylish robe designed for ultimate comfort. The wrap-around design with a self-tie belt ensures a personalized fit. Perfect for post-shower relaxation or lounging at home, the Robette combines comfort and elegance. Experience a new kind of cozy.

Designed in the USA Adjustable Sleeves Chest Pocket Easily Fits Cell Phone Belt Loops Securely Hold the Belt Machine Washable Super Soft 100% Polyester

Purchase at


Tokyo Treat Japanese Snack Box

Explore Japan, through snacks! Tokyo Treat is a subscription box you can get as low as $32.50 a month. It's packed with up to 20 full size treats, including both savory and sweet snacks, candies and drinks. The boxes make great gifts and are fun for the whole family to sample!






Gift someone you love a flower subscription with BloomsyBox! Sign up for monthly, weekly, or bi weekly deliveries of the most expertly curated floral arrangements! Everything is sustainably grown and ethically harvested from farms around the world. Not a flower lover? Check out the plants and plant subscription, instead!



WalkingPad makes a great gift because it combines the convenience of indoor fitness with space-saving design. Its compact and foldable nature allows recipients to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle, even in limited living spaces. Whether it's for a fitness enthusiast or someone looking to incorporate more physical activity into their daily routine, WalkingPad offers a thoughtful and practical gift option.


Delilah Home Luxurious Soft Bath Towels

Delilah Home products are made from 100% organic materials, including cotton and hemp. They're also free of harmful chemicals and dyes, making them safe for people with allergies or sensitivities. They offer a wide variety of products, including bed sheets, bath towels, kitchen towels, and more.

Looking for the perfect bath towels for your home? Look no further! Their luxurious soft bath towels are made from 100% organic cotton and are designed to provide superior comfort and absorbency. These luxury towels are proudly made in Portugal in their family owned factory. Their bath towels are extra fluffy and soft to the touch, making them a pleasure to use after a long shower or bath. They are also highly absorbent and quick drying, so you can get out of the shower and get dressed quickly without feeling cold or damp. Their bath towels are available in a variety of colors and sizes to suit your needs. They are also machine washable and dryer safe for easy care.

Not only do they manufacturer some of the cleanest textiles with their 100% GOTS certified products, they also give 10% of profits back to the community.


Ulike Air 3 IPL Hair Removal Device

Ulike is the first to introduce Sapphire contact cooling technology to at-home hair removal systems. Their patented Sapphire Ice-cooling technology has already helped over 4 million users get rid of their unwanted hair. Providing nearly painless hair removal from home. Ulike Air 3 IPL hair removal device uses advanced technology with a cooling system to sustain an ice-cooling sensation on the skin while delivering a painless hair solution at home.

Ulike Air 3 IPL hair removal brings noticeable hair reduction within 3 weeks*. The industry-leading technology IPL hair removal isn’t just powerful, easy to use, and nearly painless; it also ensures long-lasting hair removal results for both women and men.


Storybutton Audio Player for Kids

An audio platform for kids and families, offering over 10,000 bedtime stories, adventure series, science podcasts, and more. It's designed for children aged 5-12, with no fees or subscriptions required. Kids can create personalized playlists, choosing their favorite stories and episodes. This screen-free solution fosters imagination, courage, and wonder during playtime. Parents no longer have to leave their phones in their kid's bedroom to listen to bedtime stories!


A Gift From Gutterglove, Maker Of The Nation’s Most-Trusted Gutter GuardsⓇThis year, consider a gift that keeps giving season after season. Gutterglove’s Gutter Guards make an excellent present for anyone in your life who owns a home. Gutterglove offers a wide range of gutter protectors at major retailers including Costco, The Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon, and other national outlets. Visit for a present that’s useful, sustainable, and unique.


Gift cards, especially when they’re thoughtfully chosen, make great gifts. If he shaves, gets haircuts, cuts his nails, trims his beard, or just deserves some “me-time”, grab an online gift card and treat the guy in your life to a day as a king this holiday season. The more you give, the more you get! Purchase a $150 gift card and receive a $25 bonus card. Purchase a $300 gift card and receive a $50 bonus card. Hammer & Nails Grooming Shop For Guys has numerous locations across the nation, with more opening this year! Visit Gift Card From Hammer & Nails Grooming Shop For Guys


Stars the Night We Met from Positive Prints

Capture the unique alignment of the night sky with the planets, constellations, and the Milky Way from a special date and location, creating a romantic and thoughtful gift. Customize the star map with details like the location where you first met, the exact date and time, and add a heartfelt message to your loved one. This one-of-a-kind artwork immortalizes your magical moment so you can treasure your shared story.

Available at


Human Dog Bed

Give the gift of the ultimate napping experience with Plufl, the world's first dog bed for humans! It's 360° of plush comfort created to provide an ultra-comfortable and sleep-inducing environment. The Plufl features luxurious vegan faux fur, supportive pillow bolster all around, handles for easy transport, and a side pocket big enough for your phone or favorite read. Whether you're looking to nap, relax, or cuddle with your pets, you can do it all in the Plufl!

Have the best nap ever at and save $20with code CANDY50875


We Craft Box: Kids Craft Box Subscription – Monthly Kids Arts and Crafts DIY for 2 Crafters | Ages 3–9

Website: Crafting adventures delivered to your doorstep, without the stress or prep work! We Craft Box is an award winning kids craft delivery service providing hours of creative quality time for you and your little crafters. Each We Craft Box can be shared between 2 crafters, has 5 curated crafts, all quality arts and crafts materials are included, a themed story to engage and set the stage for creating, and easy-to-follow photo direction and video tutorials! Created by a mom of 3, with her degree and professional career in the art industry.



Give the gift of homegrown lettuce, herbs, veggies and even flowers this season with the Lettuce Grow farmstand! The hydroponic tower is easy to set up and maintain, with indoor and outdoor options and sizes to fit small and large spaces, and you can find all the supplies and in-season seedlings you'll need on the Lettuce Grow website.

Lettuce Grow is more than gardening. It’s a movement designed to inspire individuals and families to demand better from our food system. Each time you plant a seedling or harvest your produce, you make a difference for your family and the planet.

Visit Lettuce Grow and get growing today

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