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How To Become A Collector

Updated: Jan 3

You might think it is simple enough - you find something you love, and you collect it. But there can be an art to collecting! You might want to curate a very small and specific collection of things, or you might want to follow a specific niche interest.

When it comes to collecting, the joy is in the finding as much as the owning. So here are some tips on being a collector - no matter your interest.

Start Small

When you decide that you want to collect, you might be tempted to do what a lot of people do. Head out and spend a lot of money on everything they see. The problem here is that you haven't really thought about which items you really want and why. Which additions make your collection speak - and more importantly, what makes your collection unique if you buy everything?

Start by looking for a few key pieces. You might want to start with something rare or perhaps buy an item that represents the first movie or character you saw.

Consider the One Piece Funko Pop collection for example. Toys are just as good of an investment when becoming a collector as artwork or jewelry might be.


Communities of collectors can be one of the best ways to hear about sales, new finds, rare pieces, and more. With there will be some competition to get your hands on some items, the community of collectors has the same interest as you, and speaking to people who understand your goals can be great.


Let's take, for example, a person who wants to collect things to do with space. That is a lot of scope. You might want to buy a name a star box, buy DVDs of space exploration and movies that have space; you may have favorite Star Wars collectibles in mind, and of course, artwork and books.

From a single interest, there are countless options, so it is worth considering what it is that you want to collect. Figurines? Books? Imagines? The scope is endless, which is why starting small is important - it stops you from getting carried away!

Share It

Tell the people you hang out with and know that you are going to be collecting these things. People love to give gifts that matter, and what better way for them to do that than by giving you something they know you will love? You never know what you might end up with, either!


One thing that tends to come with time and collecting is patience. You have empty shelf space, and you can’t wait to get it filled. True collecting is knowing that the piece that you are waiting for is worth the wait, and spending money and giving up space to something else just isn’t the same. Patience will eventually see you with that unique, rare, or just very cool piece on your shelf.

Collecting tends to cost money in varying amounts, and it is important that you make your savings count and do what you can to cut back in other areas to make a little collecting fund. And, one of the best ways to save? Learning to coupon like a pro: How to Begin Couponing.

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