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How to Begin Couponing

Honestly there is no secret to getting started to coupon. You have already made the decision to start couponing, so you have taken the first step. The next step is obtaining coupons. When you know where you are going to get your coupons, you need to know how to read your coupons, as ALL the info you need to know about those coupons will be listed on them. Clipping and using coupons is only the first step in saving on your purchases. Knowing when to use your coupons is what will get you the biggest bang for your buck. Check out the match ups for your local stores. Make a list, paper clip your coupons to that list, and make a trip to the store. Make a small trip to get the hang of what it feels like to coupon. And do not be afraid to fail. You may not get the hang of it right away, and that is ok. If you want to make a list and have us look at it, do that also.

Essentials for the beginner couponer.


Local Newspapers, Coupon Supplier

Items to organize your coupons (personal preference)

Laptop or Smart Phone

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