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Exploring The Best Montana Has to Offer

Exploring The Best Montana Has to Offer

The USA has some of the most varied and stunning natural landscapes in the world. This can provide some fantastic opportunities for inexpensive, enriching family vacations as you explore the different natural areas in the US.

For this post, we’ll be shining the spotlight on Montana. Montana is a large, open state that shares a border with Canada. It also shares some of the same dramatic landscapes and cool weather as Canada, so you can enjoy hot summers and snowy winters, depending on your mileage.

So, you’ve couponed hard and managed to save some money for a vacation this year. How can you soak up the best of what Montana has to offer?

Exploring Montana’s Natural Beauty

When you’re going on any vacation, the chances are that you want to do some research and planning in advance. You find accommodation, plan the trip over there, and ideally look into some local attractions.

So, you’re traveling to Montana. What are some of the greatest things to see in Montana?

Well, Montana has an amazing choice of national parks to choose from and explore.

For example, Montana boasts ownership of 3% of the incredibly famous Yellowstone National Park. While this sounds like a paltry section of the park, bear in mind just how big Yellowstone is. This percentage represents thousands of miles including geysers, springs, and skiing sites.

Montana also enjoys other parks and walks, including the Glacier National Park, the Lewis and Clark Trail, the Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park, the Ringing Rocks, and plenty of resorts that allow you to explore this natural beauty.

Camping In Montana

One of the best (and cheapest) ways to explore nature is to spend a few days off the beaten path. At Bozeman airport car rental, you can rent some vehicles that are perfect for camping trips. Even better, you’re already right near Yellowstone itself.

As with other states, you should research the different camping laws in Montana. As it’s such a beautiful state, there are guidelines designed to protect this natural beauty so people can enjoy it for longer.

You may need to get a permit when camping on certain land, and if you want to camp in or near a park, look into the guidelines and rules for that park itself. You will also need a permit to hunt or fish.

If you’re camping with children, make sure that everyone knows how to be safe and responsible and that you’re well supplied. This way, you can truly enjoy your vacation with minimal worries.

Montana’s Rich History

While Montana boasts plenty of natural beauty, it also has a rich and varied history that you can learn about. Montana was home to some of the most significant sites and battlegrounds that took place during the US expansion in the 19th century, including the Battle of Little Bighorn.

You can also visit different museums that touch on natural and cultural history alike. Whether you’re interested in cowboys or dinosaurs, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

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