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The Best Coupon Apps To Save Money For 2023

Best Coupon & Rebate Apps 2023
Best Coupon & Rebate Apps 2023

The Best Coupon & Rebate Apps 2023

When Extreme Couponing begin airing on TLC in 2010, couponers would collect paper coupons from newspapers and magazines, cut them, and organize them into binders and folders for hours on end. The couponing world has changed a great deal since then. Paper coupons are still around, but technology has made it much easier for people to save money with coupons. The digital world has made it convenient and easy to obtain coupons, rebates, rewards, and more. While some require receipt scanning, others let you earn rewards or score discounts by connecting your credit and debit cards to your account. In today's digital age, coupon and rebate apps have become a popular way to stretch your budget. From grocery shopping to online purchases, these apps can help you find the best deals and save big bucks. From earning gift cards to cash, these are the best apps you can download today to start earning and saving even MORE money.

This top-rated coupon app makes it effortless to save money. All you need to do is choose your rebates BEFORE you shop then simply upload a photo of your receipt into the app, and Ibotta will reward you with cash back! No need to worry about coupons at checkout— Once the rewards stack up to $20, you can take out the cash or opt for a gift card. This extra money is sure to help with upcoming grocery expenses! Ibotta also offers referral points for getting people to sign up, this is another way to get some serious cash in your pocket.

This is the one rebate app I use on a regular basis. It is so easy to use, just submit your receipts by taking a pic in the app and earn points. Turn those points into gifts cards. One of the best things about FETCH is so far they have not regulated you using coupons along with the rebates so this is even a better way save even more money. PLUS you can scan every single receipt no matter where it is from!

Best Coupon & Rebate Apps
Fetch; Best Coupon & Rebate Apps

Swagbucks; Members join for free and will have access to all of our earning verticals, including, but not limited to, watching videos, shopping for cash back, taking surveys, and redeeming special offers.

Swagbucks is the web's leading rewards platform, dedicated to providing FREE gift cards to its 12+ million members.

Choose from top retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, PayPal, and tons more.

This app is like most of the other apps as where you have to choose your rebates and they are only good at certain stores. You can cash out after you gain $20.00. Checkout51 does not have a referral bonus either but is a great app to gain some extra money.

Shopkick is like other saving apps out there that use rebates, but instead of getting cash for your points, you can redeem them for gift cards. The cool thing about this app is there are added ways to earn points. You can earn points (they call them “kicks”) just by walking into a store. If you're up for a little fun, you can earn even more points by scanning the products they list throughout the store. SHOPKICK also has a referral bonus.

Sign up to Save $ and Earn Big Rewards! THIS APP ALSO HAS COUPONS TO SAVE YOU BIG MONEY. P&G Good Everyday is a Rewards Program for your favorite brands, like Tide, Crest, Dawn Bounty and 60 more. Earn up to $150 + in Rewards annually for Brand you already use and love. And, P&G Donates to Charity on your behalf. More participation = More Rewards and More Donations

Yes AMAZON ALEXA has rebates. This app is the same app as, shopmium, so you cannot use coupons in conjunction with this app.

Best Coupon & Rebate Apps
Best Coupon & Rebate Apps

SHOPMINUM This app is the same app as Alexa, shopmium, so you cannot use coupons in conjunction with this app.

Receipt Jar; another just scan and go app. You can earn extra points by doing surveys and sharing with friends. Use my referall code to earn extra points;

The referral code is only for new users who have no uploaded any receipts.

On Receipt page

When you first sign up to ReceiptJar, go to the Receipt page, and you will see a button where you can enter your code. How to use your Referral Code: Open the App;

"Receipt" tab;

"Enter Referral Code"; MARVHKKTB

Type in your referral code and submit;


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patrick cadette
patrick cadette
Jun 21, 2023

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