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Discontinued Food Items At Dollar General

Are you ready to score some amazing deals on discontinued food items at Dollar General? From May 10th to May 12th, you can get an extra 50% off on select products during our clearance event. And the best part is, if we don't have a visual of the item, you can simply use your DG app to scan the UPC code and see it for yourself! Don't miss out on this opportunity to stock up on essentials at unbeatable prices.

Wonderful Pistachios NS Roasted Salted 2.5oz 014113910132

Wonderful Pistachios 2.75oz 014113910316

Planters Peanuts Honey Roasted 10oz 029000014862

Planters Mixed Nuts Lightly Salted 10.3oz 029000016699

Clover Valley D0491 Nuts Spicy Cashews 8oz 753519475288

Planters Cashews HiP Light Salt 8oz 029000016088

Clover Valley D0499 Trail Mx Cookie N Creme 6 071725800466

Clover Valley D0336 Trail Mx Bar Mix 10oz 071725751836

Blue Diamond Almonds Lightly Salted 4oz 041570131268

Blue Diamond Almonds Smokehouse 4oz 041570099186

Bad Monkey Popcorn Salt & Butter 2.82oz 628110499837

Pop Daddy Pretzel Sticks Yellow Mustard 6oz 850023381620

Pop Daddy Pretzel Sticks Garlic Parm 6oz 850023381637

Reeses Pretzels Dipped 4.25oz 034000214617

Sensible Porti Veggie Straws Zesty Ranch 2.25oz 430001009472

Sensible Porti Veggie Straws Sea Salt 2.75oz 430001009489

Sweet Baby Ray Beet Jerky Original 5.85oz 047500020176

Sweet Baby Ray Beef Jerky Honey BBQ 5.85oz 047500020473

Sweet Baby Ray Beef Jerky Sweet & Spicy 5.85oz 047500020466

Sweet Baby Ray Beef Jerky Teriyaki 5.85oz 047500020183

Clover Valley D0211 Chips Corn Chill Chs 037578620446

Clover Valley D0201 Chips Corn 10oz 037578620439

Clover Valley D0266 Chips Tortilla Nacho 11oz 037578620477

Clover Valley D0265 Chips Tortilla Ranch 11oz 037578620460

Clover Valley D0485 Rid Corn Spicy Nacho 9.90z 078141106028

Pringles Chips Lightly Salted 5.2oz 038000138812

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