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Personal Care Discontinued Items At Dollar General- Visuals Included

Updated: Apr 20

Dollar General Clearance Event 05/10-05/12

Are you ready to score some amazing deals on discontinued personal care items at Dollar General? From May 10th to May 12th, you can get an extra 50% off on select products during our clearance event. And the best part is, if we don't have a visual of the item, you can simply use your DG app to scan the UPC code and see it for yourself! Don't miss out on this opportunity to stock up on essentials at unbeatable prices.

This is just the beginning of the list of resets that we have received. I will be adding to this list on a regular basis so that it is complete before the clearance event starts.

Biore Mens Pore Strips Oil Control 6ct 19100263796

Freeman Face Mask Gel C/Coal B/Sugar 6oz 72151421119

Freeman Face Scrub CNut Exfoliate 6oz 79625428353

Freeman FaceMask P/Off AmethystHydra 6oz 79625423853

Freeman FaceMask P/Off BIkSIt D/Clean 6oz 79625423815

Freeman FaceMask P/Off PinkClay-Pore 6oz 79625423785

Freeman FMask Sachet Basic Ast 3ct 79625439649

Freeman FMask Sachet Trends Ast 3ct 79625439632

Garnier S/Actv F/Cleanser 3n1 w/Charcoal 4.4oz 603084548507

Dove Body Love Lotion Pampering Care 13.50z 11111031371

Jergens Smooth Lotion GFruit/Pomelo 10oz 19100271180

Olay Lotion RevitalizeVitC 6oz 75609201080

Studio Select B0588 Lotion Fast Absorbing 20.3oz 7709785347708

Okay Face Scrub Apricot/Lemon 6oz 815166027569

Okay Pure Ntrl Body Butter Afr SheaButter 7.5oz 810367015353

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