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Surprising Places You Can Penny Shop!

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Surprising Places You Can Penny Shop!

Every store now a days is computerized and using an electronic POS system. A POS system is a point of sale system. This system also programs the prices for the stores and controls them by a computer generated programing system that can change prices uniformly and universal throughout the entire organization. These systems also code items for where they should be found in the stores, by season, and more. One of the features these systems do is tell the stores when something should be marked down or clearanced. When you see people in Walmart walking around with their handheld POS system scanning items, they are making down the products. These will also print out red clearance stickers that will be removed and put on the tags. Clearance stickers will vary by store. Items clearance due to many reasons, being discontinued, packaging changing, scent discontinuing, out of season etc. The secret to this is many of these items will code themselves as a penny, yes $0.01 to alert the employee that this item is to be totally removed and sent back for credit. NOW, some corporations do remove and donate to various organizations, but a lot is sent back for credit and then off to various destinations. SOMETIMES, you can get lucky and find these items on the shelf, being able to purchase them is another story.

Most of us are aware of Dollar General and their awesome penny shopping deals. That is what has gotten most people hooked on penny shopping. Did you know that there are a ton of other retail stores you can find pennies? Well buckle your seat belts because we have some insider secrets for you. CHECK OUT OUR COMPLETE PENNY GUIDE to learn how to penny shop at Dollar General.

You can find Penny Items at Dollar General
Dollar General Penny Shopping

Dollar General; Most people love penny shopping at Dollar General. Every Friday DG Corp sends a Dollar General penny list to the Dollar General employees of items that need to be removed from the sales floor. Social media has exploded with penny shopper flocking to their local stores to score new penny items. The Dollar General’s policy is that these items are to be removed from the sales floor, but in the times we are in where most Dollar General stores are short staffed, these items can often be missed. You can save a ton of money by finding these items. Since there is a list of Dollar General weekly penny items that you can follow, it is fairly easy to find these items if left behind. Just use your dollar general app with the price check option scanning the barcode to check the price of an item to make sure that it is a penny. It will often come up $0.00 or $0.01. These items can be found in normal-priced areas of the store. Unlike most penny shopping these items are amongst the other store items. Another exciting aspect of dollar general penny items is the surprise penny list of surprise penny items that come down during the week. The best part of penny shopping at Dollar General is that it is like a treasure hunt every time you go searching. Make sure you are following our Facebook group where we update the list weekly. Be for warned that most penny items do not work at self checkout. Also make sure to keep a copy of the corporate policy on selling penny items handy. Make sure you are there early Tuesday morning score your penny deals.

Family Dollar; You can find penny items at Family Dollar, but their policy is to not to sell the items, so if you find penny items and take them to the register they can deny. There is no list for penny items at Family Dollar, you just have to check clearance items and scan, scan, scan.

Home Depot; Home Depot penny items won't be listed anywhere online or on an app.

After items have been marked down to the lowest clearance price and still haven't sold after six to nine months, they'll appear in the store's price system for one cent. Check the end caps of clearance sections. We have seen people get awesome penny items such as tools and light fixtures. Technically, stores aren't supposed to sell these items according to Wallet Hackers.

However, if you can beat an employee to pulling it off the shelf, you may get the deal.

Be warned that at checkout an employee could refuse to sell you the items due to the penny price, so they recommend using self-checkout. Check out our guide to penny shopping at Home Depot

Michaels; The craft store offers several great deals, but none beat the penny sales.

Once items go through the sales cycle and are marked to 90% off, they get listed in the system for a penny. Michaels will then group items together and put them into "grab bags, now grab boxes at some stores" that sell for $5.00-$10.00. Although you are not paying a penny out of pocket you are getting some great items in Michaels bags and often equal to $0.01 per item. I have been able to score some great deals with the Michaels Grab Boxes.

Nordstrom Rack; just like the other retailers Nordstrom Rack pennies out items to signal out of system. Check out our guide to penny shopping at Nordstrom Rack. Dollar Tree; Dollar Tree has also been known to find penny finds. You will not know at Dollar Tree that you have found a penny item until the sales associates has rung up the product. Unlike penny shopping at DG and Walmart, penny shopping at Dollar Tree is not as popular. Hibbett Sports; Sporting goods company; Hibbett Sporting Goods store is another place you can spot penny items. It is few and far between, but some have reported finding athletic shorts, bubble gum and more for just a penny. The best way to keep up to date and informed of the new items that penny each week is to make sure you are following our Facebook page. We also keep you up to date with great clearance deals, surprise pennies at Dollar General, digital coupons, manufacturer coupons, and amazing finds. Penny shopping is not for the faint of heart. It takes research and educating yourself on how to penny shop the right way. This gives you the best luck at a chance of a penny find. Good Luck and Happy Penny Shopping.

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