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Love on a Plate: How to Make Heart-Shaped Chicken Pot Pies for Your Valentine

Heart Shaped Chicken Pot Pie

Love is in the air and what better way to show your affection than through a heart-shaped culinary creation? This Valentine's Day, we're taking comfort food to a whole new level with our irresistible Heart-Shaped Chicken Pot Pies. Not only do they taste like pure heaven, but their adorable shape will surely make your special someone swoon. Join us as we delve into the art of crafting these delectable treats, guaranteed to be love on a plate. Get ready to elevate your Valentine's Day dinner game and leave your loved one utterly smitten!

Valentine's Day is a special occasion that celebrates love and affection between couples, friends, and family members. It is a time to express our love and appreciation for those who hold a special place in our hearts. One of the most popular ways to celebrate this day is by going out for a fancy dinner at a restaurant. A homemade Valentine's Day dinner can be just as romantic, if not more, than going out to eat. It allows you to personalize the menu according to your partner's tastes and preferences while also creating an intimate atmosphere in the comfort of your own home. It shows effort, thoughtfulness, and adds a personal touch that makes the evening even more special.

Celebrating Valentine's Day necessarily involves a romantic evening with dinner, which you can prepare with your own hands to convince your soulmate in the sincerity of their feelings. Prepare pies with chicken from puff pastry, which you can buy in the supermarket. When choosing chicken, give preference to chicken fillet. We used soy sauce for a spicy flavor. You can use any marinade based on ranch sauce, tomato sauce or mustard and honey and get a new flavor every time with the same recipe. The hardest part of this recipe is to form a neat heart with a checkerboard pattern. Study the instructions carefully and you will succeed. The recipe is for 3 servings.

Ingredients for Heart Shaped Chicken Pot Pie

1/2 pound of puff pastry

1/2 tsp. sesame seeds or bagel mix

1/3 chicken breast

1 1/5 tbsp soy sauce

1/2 egg

parsley to serve

Instructions for Heart Shaped Chicken Pot Pie

1. Defrost the dough in a bag on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Sprinkle a board with flour. Place the dough on the board. Using a cookie cutter, cut out 3 hearts.

2. Using a sharp knife, cut the chicken breast into long strips 1/3-inch thick. Place them in a rosette, pour the soy sauce over them and leave for 5-7 minutes. The meat is thin and marinates quickly

3.Set back about 1/5 inch from the top edge of the heart and cut 1/3 inch wide strips, as in the photo. We accomplished this with a roller knife.

4.Roll the strips of dough up through one. Lay out the chicken and return the dough to its place. Alternate the assembly in a staggered pattern.  You should get 3 rows of chicken strips.

5.  Trim heart, cut off excess chicken. Cut 1/3-inch-wide strips from remaining dough. Separate the yolk from the egg white. Use the egg white as glue for the puffs. Grease the edge of the product and lay out the strips gently shaping the edges. Brush with egg yolk and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Bake in a preheated 356°F oven on parchment paper until golden, about 20 minutes. You can cut hearts or flowers out of the remaining dough and use them for decoration.

Crispy dough with an appetizing crust and juicy meat is just the thing for a hearty feast. Instead of chicken meat you can use turkey fillet or pork loin. Enjoy!

Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day with a special someone or simply looking for a delicious and creative meal idea, heart-shaped chicken pot pies are the perfect choice. With these easy tips and tricks, you can create a romantic and tasty dish that will surely impress your loved one. So why not give it a try? Show your love on a plate this Valentine's Day with these adorable heart-shaped chicken pot pies.

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