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Updated: Feb 1

This is a surprise penny list that is super YMMV (meaning not all will have these items at a penny.) These items can be found at Dollar General.


Naked 100% Juice Smoothie Boosted Green Machine, 15.2 Oz UPC: 08259272015


Naked 100% Juice Smoothie Pure Fruit Strawberry Banana, 15.2 Oz UPC: 082592194152


Sargento Balanced Breaks Cheese & Triscuit Snack Kit, 1.5 Oz

UPC: 046100353516


Colliders Twisted Hershey's Cookies N Creme Refrigerated Dessert, 2 Ct UPC: 043000007891


Colliders Kit Kat Twisted Refrigerated Dessert, 2 Ct

UPC: 043000007914


Colliders Layered Reese's Pudding Cups Refrigerated Dessert, 2 Ct Pack;

UPC: 043000008423


Borden Amrcn 2 Singles Borden Cheese Singles 2% American 12oz

UPC: 053000006145


Borden Melts Shrp Chdr Borden Cheese Singles Melts Xsharp 12oz

UPC: 053000004370


Nashville Hot Chicken Smithfield Nash Hot Chic Breast Pouch 9oz UPC: 027815902657


Land O'Frost Delishaved Black Forest Ham And Turkey, 8 Oz

UPC 051900400056


Yocrunch Low Fat Vanilla With Snickers Yogurt, 6 Oz

  • MSRP: $1.25

  • UPC: 046675001126


Pills H J Butrmlk 6oz Pillsbury Grands Biscuit Buttermilk 6oz

UPC: 018000487325


Simply Apple Single Serv Simply Apple Juice 11.5oz

UPC: 025000000294


Shamrock Farms Reduced Fat S'Mores Milk, 12 Fl Oz

UPC: 028300009165


Cinnamon Toast Crunch To Yoplait Yoplait Cinn Tst Crnch 4.27oz

UPC: 070470191386


Lucky Charms Cereal Top Yoplait Yoplait Lucky Charms 4.27oz

UPC: 070470191355


Cv Spreadable Butter Clover Valley F0163 Butter Spreadable 15oz

UPC: 079176093260


Country Crock Plnt Btter Country Crock Plant Butter Olive Oil 10.5oz


Mrs. Grissoms Salads Sandwich Spread, Chicken Salad, 10.75 Oz

UPC: 075446011316


Mrs. Grissoms Salads Cheese Spread, Premium, 11 Oz

UPC: 075446011064


Gordos Original Queso Di Gordos Cheese Dip Original 12oz

UPC: 800338000044

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