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How To Tell If Your Dollar General Has A New Or Old System

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

How can we tell if Dollar General is an old or new system

Dollar General started rolling out updates to their systems lately and everyone's question is the same. How do I tell if I have a new or old system. Well after lot's of research and asking lot's of questions, we have confirmed there in fact is ONE way and ONE WAY ONLY to know if your system has been updated right now is by the appearance of your receipts. Now, some will argue that you can tell if your system is updated if you have a keyboard at the register or a touch screen. We have found that some people have a keyboard and their system has been updated, and some may have new systems have touch screens and have updated and some have touch screens and the systems did not update correctly so they kept the old system. Everyone is extremely frustrated yes, but imagine being a cashier at Dollar General. Some store have had complaints that their system frequently crashes and they have to wait to shut everything down and reboot while trying to help customers at the same time. Some are reporting sale prices not ringing up and coupons not coming off in updated systems. The only advice we have right now is to be patient. Don't give up on coupon shopping at Dollar General just yet. SO here is what we know so far.

Old Systems will combine the $5/$25 and the $5/$30 gain and or threshold Gain coupons.

Old Systems your total has to be $5/$25.00 BEFORE coupons and After discounts,

Old Systems items penny Tuesday.

Old Systems have registers with keyboards, but these old systems may or may not have the new operating system.

New Systems have a touch screen but may or may not have been updated also. Also some new systems have been seen with keyboards.

New Systems penny Wednesdays, that is what we know for sure about new systems lol.

New Systems will not give overage.

We do know that the most definite way right now is to look at your receipts and the appearance of them will guide you to tell if this is an updated store or not.

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