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How To Scan Items At pOpshelf

Can I scan items at pOpshelf?

Yes and No.

pOpshelf does not have an app to scan, but you can scan items through your dg app when you choose a Dollar General market and pOpshelf combo store. So you need to find a combo store in order to scan your items. But Don't worry, we found one for you.

Directions for changing to Dollar General Market + pOpshelf

  1. Open your app

2. Change Store location to 2907 US-31W, White House, TN 37188: use the zipcode to search for local store then choose the above address. This will signal your app that you are at a combo store and should be able to scan pOpshelf labels. Even though you are not at that store and your store is not a combo store you will still get the prices for pOpshelf.

How do I scan in the app to find prices? Open up your Dollar General app then click search products and click on the barcode icon to scan your product. Then scan the product barcode.

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