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Get Festive with a Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Joy Pizza Pan Wreath

Updated: Mar 10

Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Joy Pizza Pan Wreath

Are you ready to deck the halls and spread some holiday cheer? Look no further than your local Dollar Tree! In this blog post, we're about to show you how to get festive with a fun and affordable DIY Christmas Joy Pizza Pan Wreath. Yes, you read that right – a pizza pan wreath! Get ready for some budget-friendly creativity as we transform an ordinary kitchen item into a stunning piece of holiday décor. So grab your hot glue gun and let's dive into the merry world of Dollar Tree crafting!

The holiday season is just around the corner and what better way to decorate your home than with some festive DIY projects. If you're looking for a simple, budget-friendly and creative decoration idea, then look no further than the Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Joy Pizza Pan Wreath.

This wreath is not only easy to make but also customizable to match your own personal style and taste. It's a perfect addition to any door or wall in your home, adding a touch of Christmas joy and cheer.

Dollar Tree Christmas Joy Pizza Pan Wreath Instructions

Supplies Needed

Dollar Tree Pizza Pan

Dollar Tree 2024 Farmhouse Locally Grown Calendar

Dollar Tree Red Burlap Ribbon

Dollar Tree Jute Rope

Dollar Tree Mini Pine Pieces

Dollar Tree Red Berries

Waverly White Chalk Paint (you can use acrylic paint)

Paint Brush

Hot Glue Gun/ gluesticks

Dollar Tree Twine


Pen or pencil (optional)

Instructions for your Dollar Tree Christmas Joy Pizza Pan Wreath

Start by painting the entire pizza pan with the white chalk paint (if using acrylic you will need multiple coats and you might want to lightly sand it before applying the paint). I applied two coats of the chalk paint allowing time in between coats to make sure it was fully covered

Next take out the picture for the month of December. I just tore mine out of the calendar. I the placed it on top of the pizza pan and I just creased where I would need to cut it but you can also use a pen or pencil to trace around if that is easier.

Next trim off the excess. Its ok as it won’t cover the entire pizza pan, that’s why we are using the jute rope.

Add some hot glue to the pizza pan and press the calendar page on top. Some people like to use white glue also but I have always used hot glue and it stays well.

Next add a line of the on the inner rim of the pizza pan and place the jute rope on top. You will repeat this around the entire inner section of the pizza pan.

I then just made a simple bow with the red burlap ribbon for the top. The bow is about 4-5 inches in length. I tied some twine in the center.

I placed the pine pieces onto the pizza pan at the top where I wanted them and applied them with hot glue. I added a few berries using hot glue. Add some hot glue to the backside of the bow and press firmly in between the pine pieces. Cut a small piece of twine and hot glue to the backside for the wreath to hang from.

Creating a DIY Christmas Joy Pizza Pan Wreath from Dollar Tree materials is not only affordable, but also a fun and creative project that can add a festive touch to your holiday decor. The best part is that it can be customized to fit your personal style and preferences.

After completing this project, you may have some leftover supplies such as the pizza pan, ornaments, or ribbon. Don't let these go to waste! They can all be repurposed for other holiday crafts or decorations. For example, the pizza pan can be used as a base for a unique holiday centerpiece by filling it with candles or greenery.

We hope this tutorial has inspired you to get crafty this holiday season and try out new ways of decorating your home without breaking the bank. Remember, creativity knows no limits and there are endless possibilities when it comes to DIY projects.

If you're feeling extra ambitious, consider hosting a DIY Christmas wreath making party with friends or family using this Dollar Tree Joy Pizza Pan Wreath as inspiration. It's a great way to spend quality time together while creating something beautiful for your homes.

Don't forget to share your creations on social media. We would love to see how you put your own spin on this project!

In the spirit of giving back during the holidays, consider donating any extra wreaths you make to local charities or shelters. Spread joy and cheer

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