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Get Creative This Easter With These Easy Peeps Treats Recipes

Easy Peeps Treats

Easter is the perfect time for getting creative in the kitchen! This article will provide you with some delicious recipes for making treats with Peeps, that classic Easter candy. From cakes to cookies and even pancakes, these simple and fun recipes are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face this holiday season. So let’s get cooking and get creative this Easter!

Easter Charcuterie by Fantabulosity

This charcuterie makes for such a fun way to share Easter sweets with your guests.

Put leftover candy to work to make these rice krispie treats. They are loaded with goodies!

Peeps in the Mud by The Suburban Soapbox

This tasty bark recipe is easy to make and so much fun to share! Chocolate and marshmallows are a classic combo that is irresistible!

Peeps Houses by Crayons and Cravings

This fun idea for kids will have them building a snack that is perfect for the Easter season.

Peeps in a Blanket by Bitz n Giggles

Wrap up tasty peeps in a cozy chocolate blanket for a great way to dress up a seasonal classic!

Easter Bunny Cupcakes by The Soccer Mom

Add an extra special touch to cupcakes with bunny peeps. They look adorable and are so easy to make

Homemade Peeps by Live to Sweet

Skip the plastic wrapped version in favor of this super fresh homemade version of Peeps.

Peeps Race Cars by The Inspiration Edit

This fun snack is sure to be a favorite among kids! This is adorable and perfect for sharing.

Peeps Buns by Recipes From a Pantry

Tuck a peep into some dough for a luscious goodie! These are going to be a staple for future holidays!

Easter Layer Cake by Little Sunny Kitchen

This cake is colorful and has a ring of cute peeps to make it even more delicious!

Peeps Pudding Cups by Chic n Savvy Reviews

No need to start baking! This idea takes pudding cups and makes them amazing with a few peeps added in.

Sunflower Peeps by Oh My Creative

Yellow chick peeps are just the thing to use and make a sunflower design for cakes or brownies.

Peeps Kabobs by The Denver Housewife

This idea layers peeps and fresh fruit for a colorful and flavorful snack to share.

Peeps Cupcakes by The Baking Chocolatess

Add a few peeps to your next batch of cupcakes for an easy way to decorate that looks amazing everytime.

Edible Playdoh by The Typical Mom

Make a snack that you can play with if you like with this really fun playdoh recipe. This is perfect for kids who like to put things in their mouth during play time.

Peeps Trifle by Savvy Mama Lifestyle

Trifles are always a good idea! This recipe puts peep to work to make a dessert your family won't be able to stop peeping about.

Easter Dirt Cake by Amanda’s Cookin’

This cake is packed with tasty flavors and with a few peeps on the top, it looks like a very festive cake for the Eater season!

Peeps Pops by Spend with Pennies

Dip your peeps into melted chocolate for a fast and fun treat to share with your friends and family.

Easter Rice Krispies by Fun Family Meals

Melt peeps to make rice krispie treats for a colorful and delicious treat to share.

Spring Flower Cupcakes by Dancing Through the Rain

These cupcakes look like gorgeous flowers. You won’t believe how easy they are to decorate with the use of peeps.

Peeps S’mores by Ottawa Mommy Club

Peeps are perfect for making colorful. Gooey s’mores! Pop these in the microwave for a fast snack.

Bunny Pretzel Rods by Thrifty Jinxy

This idea for an easy treat is just so cute that you might want to hop around with excitement to nibble on these seasonal pretzels.

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