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Updated: 2 days ago

It is that time again guys, freezer resets at DG. There is a HUGE FREEZER RESET AT SOME DG'S RIGHT NOW

The freezer reset at Dollar General has caused some items to drop down to just a penny! That's right, you heard me correctly - one cent for select frozen goodies. This store-specific list is like a treasure map leading you to unbelievable deals. Make sure to mark your calendars for Monday morning because that's when the magic happens. If you missed out on the pennies today, don't fret - check your app and keep an eye out because those items may just hit rock bottom next Monday or the following week. So get ready to snag some seriously discounted treats and stock up while you can!

What is a freezer reset?

These items are being discontinued or DG will no longer carry certain items. They will get coded $0.01 as a way for the employees to be certain that is the right product is being pulled.

Your app should scan $0.00 or $0.01, if it does not then your store has not pennied yet and check next week. THIS IS ALWAYS A HUGE YMMV. So keep checking if yours has not reset yet.

How to see if your store has pennied:

Open Your DG App

Click on the search products

click on enter barcade

put barcode in

If it says $0.00 or $0.01 then go to your store and scan the item

Make sure you have the right store selected

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