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Dollar General Surprise Pennies

Right now is the perfect time at Dollar General to find penny items as the fiscal year for the company is closing to and end along with changes in the company to get rid of some items that do not sell. It was discussed at the Q4 meeting about getting rid of some of the UPC items that are being sent automatically to stores that do not sell, so what does this mean? Well these items are considered MOS (move out of stock, move off shelf) basically discontinued in the system. These items are also known as pennies. Right now some of the fridge items since the beginning of the year have started to penny. As with many of these items it is area specific, meaning your store may not penny but one three miles away do. So you have to be on top of these things and be able to go on the fly and scan.

Here is some of the latest ice cream items that have pennied in some areas.

How do you know what items are a penny? 

We post the penny list weekly, normally Thursday or Friday, it can always be found in the pinned post. 

Penny items can be found any day of the week. Normally they set on a Tuesday,  a lot of the food reset items are setting on a Monday, so keep an eye out for the fridge and freezer items we have been posting if they have not pennied at your area.

Penny shopping has a lot of ins and outs, please make sure that you check out the guide to penny shopping here

Bomb Pop Original Ict - 70640013791

Disney Mickey Mouse Vanilla Light Ice Cream Bar, 3 fl. oz. Pack - 72554978210

Drumstick Lil Drums Variety Pack, 12ct - 072554112058

Edy's Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream, 1.5qt - 041548023854

Edy's/Dreyer's Slow Churned Mint Chocolate Chip Light Ice Cream, 1.5qt. Tub 041548061863

Haagen Dazs Van Bean 140 Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Vanilla Bean 14oz - 074570650576• Haagen Dazs Vanilla Cup Haagen Dazs Cup Vanilla 3.60 - 074570082025

Outshine Grape 6ct Outshine Fruit Bar Grape 6ct - 041548244044

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