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Dollar General Clearance Events; Everything You Need To Know

Updated: Mar 6

Dollar General Clearance

A couple times a year Dollar General has clearance events to get rid of discontinued and seasonal items. These clearance events are considered a CORE clearance or a seasonal clearance sale, and sometimes they will include both, We are here to explain what the difference of these events are and how to score big at these events.

CORE CLEARANCE; CORE clearance is everyday items. These are the everyday items that are included in the store like the shampoos, diapers, and such. These items are normally located in the clearance sections but a lot of times can be found throughout the store in their designated spot. Some of these items are only priced at 10% off the regular price to start the clearance process but during these events they are an extra 50% off. During the CORE clearance all CORE items already starting the clearance cycle will be an extra 50% off.

Seasonal Clearance; it is just what it sounds like, seasonal items. This includes sections such as garden, summer, etc. During these seasonal clearance events these items will be an extra 50% off.

How will I know what is included in these clearance event sales?

The signs posted in store will tell you exactly what is included. You need to read the bottom of the signs as they will say exactly what is included.

Where are these items located in the store? These items can be found in the clearance section and throughout the store. Look for the clearance section in your store and also the orange hang tags throughout the store. Look for the orange stickers on the clearance items.

Do all stores participate? Most stores do but as every sale the participating stores and items in the stores vary by location. The best thing that you can do is scan the items in store to check prices. Always be prepared and check out your clearance section and take pics of the products and UPC codes that you are interested in.

Can I use coupons on the clearance items? Yes! as long as the coupon itself does not exclude clearance items, you can use coupons.

There is a clearance event coming up, what should I do to prepare?

scope out your clearance section. Take pictures of the items in that clearance section along with the UPC codes so that after 2 am EST you can check the app the start of the day to see if they have changed price. Even if the app is not showing price, you can check with your store because a lot of times the stores have to override prices.

The sale starts in the morning, what should I expect? Get there early! These clearance sales bring all the DG shoppers out. Everyone loves a good clearance sale. Know what you are doing! Have your app open and ready to scan.

What if something does not show half off in the DG app?

Remember that not all items are included in all of these items may be included in the sale. Recently we saw a clearance sale where some items such as toilet paper, laundry, and paper towels were showing pending discount when the employee scanned with their handheld device. Because of the pending discount, these were not included in the sale. Some store chose to override to get off the shelf and some were specifically told not to override. This happens and when it does you either find a store that will override or wait until next sale. This happens and it is not worth getting upset about.

Is the price 50% off the price scanned with your Dollar General app?

The 50% off will show when you scan. So if a sale starts on a Friday and Thursday the price is $3.00 your clearance price will be $1.50. The price scanner in your app will reflect the clearance sale price. So you can figure the price will be 50% off whatever the price is the day before the sale, NOT AN EXTRA 50% OFF WHATEVER IT SCANS THE DAY OF THE SALE.

As soon as these events are sent down by corp, we post them so keep an eye out. Make sure you are signed up for our email updates.

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