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Dollar General Clearance Events; EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Who doesn't love a Dollar General Clearance Event? Every week now there is speculation and rumors to when there is a DG Clearance Event, and every week people are claiming they know there is one this weekend and low and behold, NOPE, NADA, NOTHING. Here may be where the confusion is.

The first thing is there is a schedule floating around that was made by a blogger that is a prediction based on previous years. AGAIN A PREDICTION, and as we have seen with everything since the pandemic, you cannot rely on a PREDICTION. HELLO DID ANYONE WATCH THE KENTUCKY DERBY 🐴 😂 ? That horse was 88-1. So let's not bank on any predication. Do not rely on this schedule as it has been proven wrong since the fall of 2021.

The second thing I think we need to discuss is the difference between clearance and a clearance event.

Clearance-stores will have clearance on the floor EVERYDAY. They are sent a list of items that are seasonal, changing packaging, even discontinuing the item. These are everyday clearance items. At times there can be more items then other, in this case the manager may decide to override and take another 50% off. This is not a clearance event, this is a store trying to get rid of overran items.

Clearance event-this is a weekend (normally) event that starts on a Friday and lasts until Sunday. This is NORMALLY, and I say NORMALLY, because yes, it changes all the time.

This is where all of the clearance items are an additional 50% off. This can be CORE items, (everyday items), seasonal ( holiday, seasons) and colored shapes, ie; brown dot, purple square etc. YOU WILL KNOW when it is a CLEARANCE EVENT because bloggers and groups will post lists and matchups for these items. Be patient because when these events are happening it is so worth it.

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