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Dollar General Air Care Clearance Visuals

Dollar General Air Care Clearance Visuals
Dollar General Air Care Clearance Visuals

Dollar General Air Care Clearance Visuals

There is a big core clearance event coming up at Dollar General and here is some of the air care currently being pulled for clearance. This means this will be an extra 50% during the big sale 03/01-03/03. This means it will be 50% off the lowest price currently. Right now most of these are 10% off the original price so whatever the price is showing below would be 50% off that price, not 50% off the price it scans starting 03/01-03/03, then after the sale the price resets to the original 10% off. Then it will continue to follow the clearance cycle. With CORE clearance items the sales cycle is slow, so do not expect these to drop price fast.

Dollar General Air Care Clearance Visuals

AirWick Ess Mist Rfl Van/Pink 0.67oz 0623-3802-0419

AirWick F/Matic Kit Qcean Breeze 1 kit 0623-3898-9785

AirWick F/Matic Rfl Ocean Breeze 5.890z 62338980003

AirWick F/Matic Rfl Paradise Retrt 6.1/oz 62338910994

AirWick F/Matic Rfl Summer Delight 6.17oz 62338911014

AirWick Oil Refill Summer Delight 3ct-0.67oz 0623-3892-9484 AirWick Oil Refill Turq Oasis 3ct-0.67oz 0623-3895-5513 AirWick Oil Refill Van/Pink 5ct-0.67oz 0623-3800-6161 AirWick Twin Oil Paradise Retrt 1.34oz 0623-3891-1106

Feareze Alr Spray Wood 8.80z 0370-0047-9185 Febreze Air Spray Ember 8.8oz 0370-0062-2116 Febreze Cad Plaahum ide 2ct 0307-7201-0518 Febreze Plug Refill Ember 1.75oz-2ct 0370-0062-5124 Febreze Plug Refill Uns Paradise 2ct-0.87oz 0370-0062-3045

Febreze Small Spaces Downy Calm 1ct 0307-7206-6430 Febreze Small Spaces HD Kitchen .25oz-1ct 0307-7203-1896 Febreze Wax Melts Fresh Unstpb 8ct 0370-0098-3040

Glade 3 Wick Candle HawaiianBreeze 1ct 46500021541

Glade Air Spray Bubbly Berry 8.3oz 46500040610

Glade Air Spray Strawberry 8.3oz 46500044090

Glade Air Spray Trop Blossom 8.3oz 46500040665

Glade Auto Refill Tropic Blossom 6.2oz 46500017957

Glade Candle Aqua Waves 3.4oz-2ct 46500029547

Glade Oil Refill Aqua Waves 5ct-0.67oz 46500029592

Glade Oil Refill Aqua Waves 5ct-0.67oz 0465-0002-9592 Glade Oil Refill Strawberry 2ct-.67oz 46500030833

Glade Twin Oil Clean Linen 1.34oz 46500143847

Glade Twin Oil Linen 2ct 0465-0004-4946 Glade Twin Oil Tropic Blossom 1.34oz 46500017896

Koze Place Air & Fabric Citrus Blossom 160z 840797153776

Koze Place Oil Refill Cozy Woods 2ct 840797153714

Koze Place Oil Refill Lav & Cotton 2ct 8407-9715-3721

Koze Place wax Rounds Citrus/Bamboo 8ct 8407-9715-3813 TrueLiving G0147 Candle Cash Vanilla 2ct 814840017360

TrueLiving G0198 Candle Bliss Berry 2ct 8148-4001-7353

TrueLiving G0210 Candle Tropic Nectar 2ct 8148-4001-7230

TrueLiving G0225 Candle Mdnight Breeze 2c 8148-4001-7247


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