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DIY Salt Scrub Recipe

Updated: Mar 19

Have you been out and in the bathroom to wash your hands and on the counter is a glass jar with some incredibly smelling scrub to wash your hands? You try it out and first thing you think is, "This stuff is incredible!" Not only does it remove dead skin, but it makes your hands feel so silky smooth. After leaving the bathroom I see that the scrub is sitting on the counter for sale just to look at the price for over $20.00. UGH. I buy it because, well I love this sort of stuff lol. Once I get home I started looking for a recipe and I CANNOT BELIEVE I PAID SO MUCH. This salt scrub is so easy to make that you will be making it for gifts and more.


What is salt scrub?

Salt scrubs are a type of body exfoliant similar to sugar scrubs but made with salt instead of sugar. This easy sea salt scrub recipe exfoliates and nourishes, which is essential for healthy, great-looking skin.

Salt scrub benefits

Besides being exfoliating, salts scrubs have some added bonuses that sugar scrubs don’t have. Unrefined salt is high in trace minerals that can help to restore and remineralize your skin. Here’s a quick overview of the salt body scrub benefits:

exfoliates and buffs away dead, dry skin cells

detoxifies and pulls toxins away from the body

eases inflammation and acne

relaxes sore muscles

tones and nourishes the skin

replenishes skin moisture

What you will need:

Desired Salt (see options below)

Different Types of Salt

Himalayan salt scrub – Himalayan pink salt is rich in minerals, containing over 80 trace elements, and sometimes considered as the purest form of salt.

Sea salt body scrub –Sea salt is created by evaporating seawater and contains small amounts of minerals.

Dead Sea salt scrub – Dead sea salt is famous for its therapeutic properties and features a 10 times higher concentration of minerals than sea salt.

Epsom salt scrub – Epsom salt is made up entirely of magnesium, which is beneficial to ease muscle tensions.


¼ cup coconut oil

12-15 drops essential oils, I chose lavender essential oil for it's pleasant scent and calming properties. Feel free to chose your favorite skin safe essential oils.

1 cup sea salt

Grind your salt to a lighter constancy

If your coconut oil is solidified, gently warm it just enough to melt to liquid.

Stir in your salt, then add your essential oil.

Stir all the ingredients until they are well incorporated with each other.

Put in glass jar for future use or share with friends.

These make great gifts and thank you gifts etc, everyone who receives them, love them.

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