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Complete List Of Stores That Accept Competitor Coupons

Looking to save some serious cash on your next shopping spree? We've got you covered! If you're not already taking advantage of competitor coupons at participating stores, you could be missing out on some amazing deals. With just a little bit of planning and savvy couponing skills, you can stretch your budget further than ever before. So, buckle up and get ready to maximize your savings with these tips for using competitor coupons like a pro!

Most stores have a policy of accepting competitor coupons, but there are a few things to keep in mind when using them. First, make sure the coupon is for a store that your chosen store considers a direct competitor. Second, check the expiration date on the coupon and make sure it’s still valid. Take into account any restrictions or limitations on the coupon, such as minimum purchase requirements.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to take advantage of competitor coupons at participating stores, maximizing your savings in the process!

Stores That Take Competitor Coupons

There are some stores that still participate in taking competitor coupons. Let's remember the word competitor, this means each store have stores they consider a competitor. A store 100 miles away, more then likely will not be considered a competitor. Below is a listing of stores and links to their coupon policy. Remember to check with your store’s coupon policy. Using competitors' coupons is a way to obtain items at a lower price and maximize your savings.


Due to the fact that ShopRite stores are franchised and individually owned, many stores have different coupon policies when it comes to accepting competitor's coupons. Ask your store at customer service what their policy is on your next visit. Most stores will require competitors' coupons to state a specific item with a coupon value printed on the coupon with a scannable bar code. They will not take competitors’ coupons for free items.


Acceptance is subject to any restrictions or purchase stipulations printed on the coupon. Winn-Dixie will only accept original manufacturer coupons, Winn-Dixie coupons, valid internet coupons, and authorized competitor coupons. The only coupons accepted on mobile devices are rewards points coupons. Rewards points coupons will not be accepted on a mobile device at Self Check Out lanes. No reproductions or altered coupons will be accepted.


Publix accepts all types of coupons from nearby competitors — even coupons from competing pharmacies, but for prescriptions only. Each Publix store varies on the competitor coupons it accepts.

Find a list of competitors posted near the customer service desk at every Publix store. Publix is one of the stores vey well known for accepting competitor coupons. Publix accepts competitor coupons, However, which competitors the store will accept varies from store to store. There is usually signage when you walk in stating which stores coupons your Publix accepts. They want the stores to be competitive to that specific store, so a store hundreds of miles away would not be considered really competitive.

Will Publix accept a competitor’s coupon for a free $5 gift card with the purchase of an item or items?

For example, a coupon for "Buy both Raid Max Bug Barriers 1 gallon Starter Kit and Refill, Receive a $5 store gift card."

Yes, if we carry the identical items named on the coupon, you'll receive a $5 Publix gift card with the required purchase.

Get the entire policy in competitor coupons HERE.


Giant will accept competitors’ coupons for products as long as you’ve met the coupon’s purchase requirements. We do accept any competitor supermarket coupons in conjunction with our coupon policy

Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter‘s management team in each of their stores determines who their competitors are.

They’ll take local competitors’ coupons as long as they’re not from the Internet. They’ll also take circular and direct-mail coupons for money off a total order and even those Catalina coupons that are clearly labeled “Manufacturer’s Coupon” even if they were printed at a competitor’s store.

There’s a limit of one competitor coupon per person, per day on one single item.

Lowe’s Foods

Lowe’s Foods will take local competitor coupons as long as they’re from a competitor’s circular or direct mail coupons — no Internet coupons. They’ll also take Catalina coupons that print at competitors as long as the Catalina clearly states “Manufacturer Coupon.”

We gladly accept circular coupons or direct mail coupons from: local Supermarkets or Grocery Stores including Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Publix, The Fresh Market, Whole Foods, Aldi, Trader Joe’s, JustSave, Bi-LO and local Supercenters including Walmart and Target.

Get the coupon policy on competitor coupons here

Food Lion


Food Lion locations will accept coupons from competitors, except wholesale or warehouse clubs. Store management reserves the right ot determine who their competitors are. Competitor's coupons must meet the above coupon policy guidelines with the following guidelines:

We do not accept competitor coupons earned on a loyalty rewards program or competitor digital coupons

Competitor coupons for a competitor's private brand item will be accepted for a matching Food Lion private brand item

We will honor only two (2) of the same competitor's coupon when two(2) of the specified items are purchased.

"Dollar-off-total-order" coupons will be limited to one Food Lion and one competitor's coupon per day, per household The Food Lion coupon must be used first

The remaining balance must meet or exceed the competitor's coupon requirements

Food Lion will only give face value of the coupon and must have a valid expiration date


At your local Bi-Lo, you can find a list of competitors whose coupons they'll match. It accepts BOGO coupons, store brand coupons, and coupons for money off an entire purchase from competitors. In order to qualify as a competitor coupon, you must include the word "coupon" in the advertisement. You can redeem up to 10 competitor coupons per day (one coupon per identical item, per day, per customer).

Harris Teeter's

As long as they are not from the Internet, Harris Teeter's management team in each store will accept local competitor coupons. Besides circulars and direct-mail coupons for money off a total order, they will also accept Catalina coupons labeled "Manufacturer's Coupon," even if they were printed at a competitor's store. One competitor coupon is allowed per person, per day.

Home Depot

Home Depot price matches competitors' final prices — including what you'd save from coupons. Home Depot won't honor competitor coupons, but there's still a way to use Lowe's coupons to lower the price you pay at Home Depot: The Home Depot low price guarantee.

JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts

Michaels, Hancock Fabrics, and Hobby Lobby coupons will be accepted by JoAnn's.

Additionally, you can use more than one coupon per purchase.

When buying at least 3 items, you can use all 3 40% off coupons from Michaels, Hancock, and Hobby Lobby.

One major exclusion is that JoAnn will NOT accept competitor's coupons for items they don't sell. For example Michaels does not sell fabric, so you can't use a Michaels coupon at JoAnn's.


PetSmart's online coupon policy states that they will take competitor coupons; Physical competitor coupons for exact items sold at PetSmart stores, excluding free item coupons

Office Depot

Yes, Office Depot accepts manufacturer's coupons in our stores in accordance with the terms posted by the manufacturer. Please see the terms and conditions of the specific coupon offer for more details.


If you shop at Menards' on a regular basis, you are well aware if their awesome competitor coupon policy. Home Depot, Menards, Lowe's, and Ace Hardware should definitely be considered "local stores" as Menards accepts coupons from local competitors. There is no set definition of what constitutes a "local store", but you can check with the customer service desk to get the specifics.

Modell’s Sporting Goods

You can use competitor coupons at Modell’s as long as the item you purchase meets the coupon's requirements (size, quantity, brand, flavor, color, etc.). You must present your coupon at the time of purchase, and you can only use one coupon per item. The offer from the competitor's coupon cannot be combined with any other offer.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

It is well known that Dick's accepts certain competitor coupons and price matches competitors' point-of-sale prices. Bring in the competitor's ad. The item has to match the exact description in the ad, but untimely the manager may substitute items.

Shopping with competitor coupons can be a great way to save money and get the most out of your shopping experience. With some careful planning and research, you can maximize your savings by using these tips for using competitor coupons at participating stores. Knowing which stores accept competitor coupons, understanding the limits on how much you can save per item, and making sure that you read through terms before using any coupon are all essential steps when it comes to getting the best deal possible while shopping with competitor coupons.

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