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Bath & Body Works Candle Day 2023

The biggest 3-wick candle sale of the year is coming soon (and it's never too early to get ready)!

The much-awaited Bath & Body Works Candle Day sale in 2023 is a highly anticipated event for many Bath & Body Works customers. This year, we anticipate it to occur on December 1st, as it typically begins on the Friday following Thanksgiving. During this sale, the prices of three-wick candles are significantly reduced, even more than during Black Friday or the Semi-Annual Sale. And the highlight of the day? The candles are expected to be priced at just $9.95.

For the first time, Bath & Body Works Rewards members will have early access to Candle Day both online and in stores.

Tip #1: You + Rewards? It’s a love story waiting to happen. Get so many exclusive perks for the big day when you join!

Tip #2: Explore a new way to shop. Buy Online, Pick Up in Store or Buy Now, Pay Later (available for the first time in Candle Day history)!

Tip #3: Grab your gift list! Consider our chatbot, Nora the Mouse, your personal gifting assistant—here to help wrap up all your holiday shopping.

Tip #4: Don’t miss early access! Rewards members can shop before anyone else online and in stores (another thing we’re doing for the first time ever).

Tip #5: Try new scents! Never-before-smelled candles are dropping just in time for the big day. And we have a feeling they will sell out.

Tip #6: Make room in the candle closet. From seasonal treats to year-round faves—now’s the perfect time to restock your shelves.

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