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B1G1 Traditional Wings At Buffalo Wild Wings

🍗 Get ready to wing it on Tuesdays! 🍗

Introducing our sizzling hot deal that will make your taste buds dance with joy – BOGO FREE WING TUESDAYS At Buffalo Wild Wings. BBW is bringing you an unbeatable offer at participating locations for a limited time only. Picture this: buy one 6-, 10- or 15-count traditional wings with a valid Blazin’ Rewards account, and BWW will treat you to another batch of wings of equal value absolutely free!

Now, here's the juicy part – this incredible deal is available for dine-in only. So gather your friends, bring along your appetite, and join us in-store to feast on some finger-licking goodness. But wait, there's more! This offer isn't combinable with other discounts or promotions because we want to give you the best bang for your buck.

But hey, don't worry about missing out – while supplies last (and trust us when we say they won't last long), everyone who enrolls in Blazin' Rewards during the offer term can take advantage of this tantalizing experience. That means even if you're new around here, we've got something special just for you!

To top it off, not only will you enjoy mouthwatering wings but also earn reward points along the way. All you need to do is provide your valid phone number associated with your Rewards account to our friendly servers and let them handle the rest.

So mark those calendars and prepare yourself for a Tuesday like no other – where flavor meets value and satisfaction takes flight. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity; come join us as we heat up every bite together!

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