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05/23/2023-DOLLAR GENERAL PENNY LIST)-Dollar General Penny List May 23, 2023


You can find hundreds of items that are on the shelf at your local Dollar General that employees just didn't have the time to remove, these items penny out when they are not sold. Each week the list changes and you can score some great Dollar General Penny Items.

If you are just starting out penny shopping be sure to check out our Penny Shopping at Dollar General GUIDE, it has all of the information you need to get started Penny Shopping at Dollar General.





Who doesn’t want to get something for a penny? Dollar General penny shopping is a big thing! And those who do it are completely hooked but you have to know what you are doing and what to look for inside the store. You also have to be prepared to spend time looking and researching. If you are prepared then you can score some amazing deals for just one penny.

The new penny list will start Tuesday, May 23, 2023 . REMEMBER NOTHING IS CERTAIN ON THIS LIST UNTIL WE GET IN STORES TO VERIFY! These items will not ring up a penny until TUESDAY.

IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY – MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD THE DOLLAR GENERAL APP AND UPDATE IT. There is a price scanner at the upper right hand side where you can price check items to verify the pricing.

Here is your current penny list for May 23, 2023 It is big purple lettering, highlighted. There is nothing to click on. THIS IS YOUR LIST;

Blue Dot Apparel, Shoes & Accessories BTS Hardware

Duck Brand Duck Tape Marbled 1ct – 075353333068

Duck Brand Duck Tape Marbled 1ct – 075353333082

Guard Dog Pepper Spray Teal 1ct –850008134357

Hardware Light Cup Holder 2ct – 816811027088

Hardware Light Strip Blue 1ct – 816811026296

Hardware Light Strip Blue 1ct – 816811026470

Hardware Light Strip Red 1ct – 816811026302

Hardware Light Strip Red 1ct – 816811026487

Hardware Light Strip White 1ct – 816811026289

Hardware Light Strip White 1ct – 816811026494

Hardware Lights Blue 4ct – 816811026654

Hardware Lights Red 4ct – 816811026715

Hardware String Lights Cool Guy 1ct – 058219194959

Hardware String Lights Heart Eyes 1ct – 058219859605

Hardware Supply Box Black 1ct – 826030014790

Hardware Trim LED Blue 1ct – 816811026968

Hardware Trim LED Red 1ct – 816811026982

Hardware Trim LED White 1ct – 816811026975

Litezall Light Bar Wireless 1ct – 811446025553

Litezall Rechargeable UltraLite 1ct – 811446025546

Litezall String Lights Photo 1ct – 811446025577

BTS Stationery

AD Sutton Backpack $8 1ct – 089305087473

Blue Sky Desk Cal S Mini Dot 1ct – 699931428153

Blue Sky Desk Cal S Mini Floral 1ct – 699931428160

Blue Sky List Pad Stud Mini Purp 1ct – 699931428146

Blue Sky List Pad Stud Mini Red 1ct – 699931428122

Blue Sky Planner Spiral Floral 1ct – 699931428139

Blue Sky Planner Spiral Stripe 1ct – 699931428115

Dixon Pencil No. 2 8ct – 072067144089

Igloo Icepack BTS Igloo 1ct – 034223254421

Licensed Backpack 1ct – 840716216025

Licensed Lunch Bag Ast 1ct – 840716216049

Stationery Backpack 2 in 1 1ct – 089305574706

Stationery Backpack Deluxe 1ct – 089305571491

Stationery Eraser 4pk 4ct – 430001738709

Stationery Eraser Popsicle 1ct 1ct – 430001738686

Stationery Fash Journal Bullet 8.5-1ct – 806008729734

Stationery Flag Notes Ast 1ct – 430001738761

Stationery Highlighter Mini 1ct – 430001738754

Stationery Highlighter Twin Tip 1ct – 430001738747

Stationery Locker Dry Erase 1ct – 430001737412

Stationery Locker Mirror Floral Ast 1ct – 430001737436

Stationery Locker Mirror Pink/Blue 1ct – 430001737443

Stationery Lockr DryErase w/ Marker 1ct – 430001737429

Stationery Mini Eraser – 430001738693

Stationery Notebook Fash 1Sub-1ct – 806008729710

Stationery Pencil Pouch Zipper 1ct – 430001738785

Stationery Plastic Ruler Flexible 1ct – 430001739966

Stationery Sharpener With Eraser 1ct – 430001738679

Stationery Sticky Notes Letter Ast 1ct – 430001738723

Stationery Sticky Notes Mini 1ct – 430001738716

Stationery Sticky Notes Shaped 1ct – 430001738730

Unbranded Lunch Bag 6 Can – 768410429100

Unbranded Pack Mini School 12ct – 071641186095

Red Triangle Socks Apparel Socks

Chenille Astd 1ct – 195609431024

Licensed Boot Socks Real Tree Asrt 2ct – 730838981805

Sieep/Int/Scks Cozy Sock Astd 2ct – 194382077214

Sleep/Int/Scks Boot Sock Astd 2ct – 194382078464

Sleep/Int/Scks Boot Sock Astd 2ct – 194382079577

Sleep/Int/Scks Boot Sock Astd 2ct – 430001879365

Sleep/Int/Scks Cozy Liners Ast 2ct – 752229187528

Sleep/Int/Scks Cozy Socks Ast 2ct – 752229187436

Sleep/Int/Scks Sherpa Sock Lounge 1ct – 194382077573

Sleep/Int/Scks Slipper Astd Burnout 1ct – 081715974527

Sleep/Int/Scks Slipper Astd Burnout 1ct – 081715974701

Sleep/Int/Scks Sock Astd Cozy 3ct – 081715982829

Sleep/Int/Scks Sock Astd Critter 1ct – 81715975418

Sleep/Int/Scks Sock Astd Knit 1ct – 81715974664

Sleep/Int/Scks Sock Astd Popcorn 2ct – 081715974626

Sleep/Int/Scks Socks Critter Astd 1ct – 752229187573

Sleep/Int/Scks Socks Knit Astd 1ct – 752229187719

Socks Ladies Socks Multi Pack 1ct – 691466153463

Socks Ladies Socks Multi Pack 2ct – 691466153456

Socks Men Socks Multi Pack 2ct – 691466153500

Surprise Pennies

Check Back Tuesday

New Markdowns

Mother’s Day Pop-Up Cards – 70% off

Mother’s Day Seasonal – 70% off

Mother’s Day Socks – 70% off

Yellow Dot Toys – 70% off

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