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YES!!! Dollar General WIFI Works

Updated: Feb 6

Connecting to the Dollar General WIFI
How to connect to the Dollar General WIFI

Everywhere you hear people say that the Dollar General WIFI does not work. Everyone jumps to conclusion that Dollar General does not want you to save money, but it is human error that is preventing you from the Dollar General WIFI to work. Dollar General does not block the wifi signal. If that was the case then most of their own equipment would not work. The buildings are made out of concrete and steel preventing most cell signal from getting through, so you will more then likely not be able to use your cell service. Here are the steps to make your Dollar General WIFI work for you.

Step 1; Open up your settings to your WIFI option. Make sure you have your WIFI ON.

Connect to the DG WIFI
Step By step instructions on connecting to the Dollar General WIFI

Step 2; Choose Dollar General Customer

How to connect to the DG WIFI
Connect to the Dollar General WIFI

Step 3; THIS IS THE STEP MOST PEOPLE MISS! ACCEPT THE TERMS OF SERVICE; Click on continue to internet or accept;

Approve to the DG WIFI
Dollar General WIF terms

Step 4; Double Check your Settings that it says connected to Dollar General Customer

Make sure you get the message that says you are now connected

Step 5; Open up your Dollar General App and shop away. If at anytime it is not working just make sure you are connected to the DG Customer WIFI

Check out our video!

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