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HUGE NEWS-Clearance Food Reset

Updated: May 20

Check your Dollar Generals for the clearance aisle and food items. Many of them are ringing up just a penny. Remember recently when the entire clearance aisle reset right after a clearance sale in the fall? We are having that again but with food and snack items. I am currently going through all the UPC Codes I have collected and will bring a more comprehensive list but this is so far.

Where can I find these items? You can find them in the clearance aisle and or the tables that were set up for clearance.

Use your DG app and put the UPC Codes in your app to check prices.

Put some of these items in your DG app and check if they pennied at your store. If they did RUN RUN RUN to your DG and scan all food in the clearance section.

CV ASPARTAME 100C 890812001971

CV CKIE N CRME TR 71725800466


DUNKIN HAZELNUT 1 881334000498

DUNKIN FRENCH VA 881334000474

CV FRENCH VAN 120 10668040010

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