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Get Ready For Dollar General Christmas Clearance $0.25

Brace yourselves for the 3-4 Tuesday in January - a magical day when prices drop to an incredible $0.25 on MOST Christmas items! While lights, trees, and wrapping paper may not be included in this mind-boggling deal, there's still a chance to snag some unbelievably cheap Christmas goodies if anything happens to survive the shopping frenzy of the Christmas season. Are you excited? We thought so! Join us as we unwrap all the details of this sensational sale at Dollar General and discover how you can make your post-holiday dreams come true without emptying your wallet. Keep your eyes open for this date to come around.

Here are the dates from past sales.

2011 01/24

2012 01/24

2013 01/22

2014 01/21

2015 01/20

2016 01/19

2017 01/24



2020 01/24

2021 01/19

2022 01/18

2023 01/24

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