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Delicious Slider Recipes To Keep You Satisfied

Sliders are one of the most popular foods out there right now. They're small - making them easy to grab and go - they're inexpensive, and they can be made in a variety of different ways.

Sometimes the idea of cooking an extravagant meal is just exhausting. We often have a million and one things going on in our lives, and cooking can feel like yet another task. But with these recipes, we've got you covered. With delicious slider recipes that are easy to make, this article will give you some weeknight dinners that are healthier than ordering takeout.

What are sliders?

Sliders are a type of food that typically consists of a small patty of meat or vegetables on a bun. The patty is usually cooked on a grill or fryer, and the bun is frequently toasted. Sliders are often served as appetizers or snacks, but they can also be part of a meal.

Sliders are a type of sandwich that is made with a small bun and a small patty of meat or vegetables. The patty is usually cooked on a grill or fryer, and the bun is frequently toasted. Sliders are often served as appetizers or snacks, but they can also be part of a meal.

Why We love sliders

Sliders are the perfect comfort food. They are easy to make, and can be tailored to fit any dietary need. Sliders are also a great party food, as they can be made in advance and kept warm in a slow cooker.

Sliders are a versatile food that can be served as a main course or as a appetizer. They can be made with any type of meat, cheese, and vegetables. Sliders can be made ahead of time, and frozen for later use.

When is a good time to have sliders ? When you are looking for a fast and easy way to get from one place to another! Sliders are also great for when you want to change your appearance or add some fun to your look.

Some people like to use sliders when they are going out for a night on the town. Others use them for more casual occasions. There are even some people who use sliders as part of their daily wardrobe!

BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders-It doesn’t get much easier than these BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders. Perfect for tailgating and game day or for a super easy dinner, this pork recipe is easy to make and 100% delicious!

PHILLY CHEESESTEAK SLIDERS WITH GROUND BEEF These philly cheesesteak sliders with ground beef are perfect for a big game day, parties, potlucks, or a weeknight dinner. They are absolutely delicious and loaded with flavor!

EASY CHEESEBURGER SLIDERS This easy cheeseburger sliders recipe uses Hawaiian buns, and has a trick to make 12 burger sliders, quickly!

Turkey Club Hawaiian Roll Sliders This Turkey Club Hawaiian Roll Sliders hack easily makes 12 sandwiches in the time it takes to make one!

CHEESEBURGER SLIDERS Cheeseburger Sliders are the perfect dinner for busy weeknights or great for weekend cookouts and get togethers with friends. No one can resist these mini grilled cheeseburgers that are served up on homemade rolls and topped with the most amazing burger sauce!

Italian Sausage Sliders Sandwiches Sliders are always a hit with all ages and Italian sausage sliders are sure to be a hit

Tandoori Chicken Sliders are mini-burgers made with marinated & grilled chicken, buttery-soft slider buns and dressed with a tart & spicy cilantro-chutney spread.

Game Day Chilli Joes-Chili Joes (plus my favorite tailgating tips)! We love chili and we love sloppy joes! This easy recipe combines the two in one amazing bite for the perfect game day snack! Perfect full sized or as sliders!

BBQ Chicken Sliders are one of the easiest ever Crock Pot recipes!

A simple combo of bacon, chicken and bbq sauce make the most delicious pulled chicken! This recipe is great when you are looking for a change from pulled pork or beef. It’s a meal that everyone will rave about.


Being Italian, chicken parm is a big deal in my house. I decided to try a new twist on an old favorite by making Chicken Parmesan Sliders. What a treat! They are saucy, cheesy and delicious with soft seasoned buns. If you love chicken parmesan, get ready to enjoy it in a whole new way! This is one of our favorite game day recipes.


These crispy chicken sliders are the perfect appetizer, snack, or even dinner. Thick slices of breast meat soaked in a buttermilk mixture and coated with just the right seasonings. The chicken is then fried to perfection and served on a slider bun with all the fixings.

Baked Spiral “Hawaiian Roll” Sliders

A fun riff on the always-popular baked party sandwiches, these cute Spiral Hawaiian Roll Sliders are easy to make, super adaptable, and so much healthier, too! We’ve got three different variations for you to try, so you can mix and match your favorites for party appetizers, tailgates, make-ahead dinners, or even grab-and-go snacks and lunches.


These French dip sliders are Hawaiian rolls stuffed with roast beef, caramelized onions, and cheese. Super easy to make and perfect for a large crowd!

Taco Burger Sliders on Polenta

A surprisingly fantastic (and easy!) combination! Tacos meet burgers … in too-cute slider form! Simple enough for family cook-outs, yet impressive enough for a party. A great change of pace that’s secretly quick but looks really gourmet! The perfect mix-up of two fave foods!

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Ronda Rainey
Ronda Rainey
Aug 08, 2023

Everything looks so delicious, I don't know which one to cook first! Maybe the French dip, it looks so grown


Aug 08, 2023

Wow those sliders look fantastic and such a variety. They look absolutely scrumptious. Thanks for sharing!


Aug 06, 2023

Thanks for sharing. Sliders are definitely my favorite pastime. I never knew there were so many variations!


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