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Could You Travel To Thailand On A Budget?

Family vacations, while typically pricey, should never be out of the reach of your budget. After all, both you and the kids deserve to see the world and have some fun away from home! And even if that means you have to pay for extra beds and extra evening meals, you can still squeeze plenty of value out of a budget vacation in countries like Thailand. 

Indeed, if you’ve always wanted to visit one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia, don’t let a fear of the cost hold you back! It’s perfectly possible to keep the cost down, and you can do that quite efficiently with tips like those below. 

Don’t Travel in Peak Periods

Thailand gets expensive during the summer and Christmas periods, much like anywhere else. As such, if you want to get around the country on a budget, try to travel in a non peak period. This may be hard if the kids are of school age, but late summer and early winter weeks are when the prices tend to start dropping again. Try to book for these times. 

The Conversion Rate is Fair

The rate is going to go up and down through the months, but converting Thai Baht to United States Dollar usually means you get 1 THB for around $0.30 of USD. 

That means you can take $100 of spending money with you and feed the family for at least four days without trouble. Seeing as three meals per day cost around $15, you should be able to pay comfortably and still have a bit of cash left over. 

The conversion rate makes affording a 5 Star Hotel Bangkok much more managable as well. It’s still going to be pricey, especially if you need more than a twin room, but you could squeeze in a couple nights of staying in luxury accommodation without going over budget. 

Thailand is Quite a Walkable Place

Thailand isn’t the biggest country in the world. That means you’re naturally going to have more success walking around it than somewhere like the US, but Thailand has quite a strong tourism orientation. This means they’ve put a lot time into making their cities walkable, meaning you’ll have little need for public transport, even if you’ve got little legs trailing behind you! 

Of course, it’s important to note that Thailand is made up of quite a few islands as well, and you’ll need to pay for transport to and from these if you want to explore them. But seeing as you’ll be able to walk around Bangkok and other big cities like Nakhon Ratchasima without needing to pay for transport, you’ll have that extra room in your budget to afford taxi fares and boat and bus tickets. 

If you fancy a trip to Thailand, don’t worry about visiting with a tight or shoestring budget. Thailand is a great place for low cost travel and there are plenty of free things to do while you’re there.

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