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Copycat Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies Recipe

Recreate the Classic Flavor: Copycat Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies Recipe

Indulge in nostalgia with a twist as we show you how to recreate the iconic taste of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies right in your own kitchen! Get ready to satisfy your cravings and impress your friends and family with this delicious copycat recipe that will have everyone coming back for more. Let's dive into the world of homemade treats and discover just how easy it is to bring the classic flavor of Thin Mints into your home.

Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies are an iconic treat that many people look forward to every year. These delicious chocolate and mint flavored cookies have been a part of the Girl Scouts' cookie lineup since 1959, making them a beloved classic for over six decades.

The story behind these famous cookies begins with their creator, the Little Brownie Bakers company. They were the first commercial baker to produce Girl Scout Cookies and have been doing so since 1936. Originally called "Chocolate Mints," these cookies were renamed "Thin Mints" in 1940 due to their thin and crispy texture.

Today, Thin Mints are one of the best-selling varieties of Girl Scout Cookies, accounting for about a quarter of all sales. These popular treats are only available during the annual Girl Scout Cookie season, typically from January to April. This limited availability adds to their appeal and makes them even more special.

Copycat Thin Mint Cookies Recipe

Ingredients For Copycat Thin Mint Cookies Recipe

Andes Baking Chips (amazon link)

2 sleeves Ritz Crackers

Recipe For Copycat Thin Mint Cookies Recipe

In a medium bowl, place the andes baking chips. Microwave in :30 increments until fully melted.

Once the chocolate is smooth, place a ritz cracker in the melted chocolate.

With a fork, submerge the entire cracker until covered.

Allow excess chocolate to drizzle off the fork.Place on a sheet of parchment paper.Repeat until all the chocolate has been used.

If you’d like to put sprinkles on to celebrate a holiday, birthday or shower add it before the chocolate hardens.

Allow chocolate to harden for 20-30 minutes before enjoying, packaging or moving onto a plate for presentation and serve.

Making your own Girl Scout Thin Mints at home is a fun and delicious alternative to satisfying your cravings. This copycat recipe allows you to control the ingredients, customize the flavor and have as many Thin Mints as you want without having to wait for the annual cookie sale.

By using simple pantry staples, this recipe is easy to follow and can be made in just a few steps. The combination of rich chocolate, crisp wafers, and refreshing mint makes these homemade Thin Mints just as tasty as the original ones. Plus, by making them yourself, you can ensure they are free from any preservatives or artificial ingredients.

One of the best things about this copycat recipe is that it’s versatile – you can easily adapt it to suit your dietary restrictions or preferences. For a vegan version, simply use coconut oil instead of butter and substitute non-dairy milk for regular milk. You can also make gluten-free Thin Mints by using gluten-free flour instead of all-purpose flour.

Not only are these homemade Thin Mints delicious on their own but they also make great gifts for friends and family during special occasions or holidays. Package them up in cute boxes or bags with a ribbon for an extra touch.

Another benefit of making your own Girl Scout Thin Mints is that it’s cost-effective. Buying cookies from the store can add up quickly, especially if you have a strong craving for them year-round. By making them at home, not only will you save money but you’ll also have more control over portion sizes.

Remember to enjoy the process of making these cookies – baking should be fun! Get creative with decorating your thin mints by drizzling melted white chocolate on top or sprinkling crushed candy cane pieces before they set.

We hope this copycat recipe brings back fond memories of selling and enjoying Girl Scout cookies while also giving you a new way to indulge in your love for Thin Mints. Experiment with this recipe and make it your own – who knows, you may even come up with a new and improved version! Happy baking!

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