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Why We Should Not Rely On The Dollar General App.

Technology can be great, however as great and helpful as it can be, it also can be very unreliable. First, lets address that the DG APP is a third party app, not ran or owned by Dollar General at all. DG has no control over the app or how it reacts. It is great as a reference but please do not depend solely on the app to do your work.

Why? Here will explore the different reasons why you want to be able to be independent as a DG coupon shopper and not a dependant app user.

Prices will often vary from the app to the store. Your app may say one price but you get to the register. The register price is always the price they will go by because that is the correct price. This could be do to the app not updating, the app having information that is used in other areas, and just plain and simple not working correctly.

Certain discounts do not show up and certain discounts apply even though you have not met the threshold. This is where good old fashion pen and paper work fantastic. I use this couponing sheet to calculate my deals. I check the app and sale papers for the prices and do old fashion math. THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN A SUCCESS FOR ME. You can click on the pic and screen shot it, print it out and use it for your weekly trip.

As we have seen so many times people rely on their app and then the wifi does not work in store. Being prepared elevates this. Also, being prepared will allow your transactions to go smoothly.

AND LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST. So many times the app attaches coupons to items not intended. This includes where items are excluded clearly written on the digital coupon but still attachés. Constantly relying on the app to tell us what products does not make us independent couponer. What does is reading the coupon. EVERY WORD. Then you can use the app as a reference to what the price is.

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