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Why don't you call and complain about penny items.

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Lately I have seen a lot of complainants from people saying they were denied buying penny items or the cashier was rude about a customer buying them. People are suggesting people call cooperate and complain and some are saying No! don't do that. So what is the right thing to do?

Well, yes there is a policy if a customer finds a penny item they have to sell them, but do you call? Look at it this way, you finding a penny item means the worker is not doing their job. When you call corp, then they will know that store is not pulling items. therefor more then likely they will tell them that their treatment of the customer was wrong, but they will also be concerned that the store is not pulling the items they should be. The manager will be more concerned about making sure they pull the penny items so they don't get in trouble and that store will then have them pulled, making them gone and you loose your penny items. Ask yourself what is more important to you. Then the next time you go to the store and have a plan for the cashiers behavior. Are they rude again, kill them with kindness.

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