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Why Are My Items Not Ringing Up Right At DG?

Recently there have been a ton of people asking why they get one price at one DG and a higher at another. Let's discuss what some of these reasons could be.

First, just like most stores, everything is YMMV (your mileage may vary) What does that mean? Not every store is the same. One store can sell an item for $1.95 and the next store can sell it for $2.25. Even being within 2-3 miles of each other, prices can vary drastically.

Clearance items: Again just like the YMMV, clearance can vary from store to store. Some don't participate at all, where some can have a percentage off of 70%.

Penny Items: Many people will say they find no penny items where another store people hit the motherload. If you are finding no penny items, that just means your store is doing its job and taking the penny items off the shelf.

Why a price can ring different in app and at register. With the clearance events that happen, lots of items will penny that did not sell. If you scan from your app and it says a penny, but the register price is still clearance price or even regular price several things can be going on here. The clearance has reset, the registers were not restarted, or your store is not participating.

What to do if something rings up differently in app then at register?

Make sure the store you are shopping at is the store selected in app.

If the correct store is chosen, NOTHING. They have no obligation to change any price as the app is a third party app and not ran by DG. Go to another store and search or chalk it up to a sucky situation. Remember that kindness goes a long way also.

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