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What is Coupon Misuse and What does it do to couponing?

You will hear a lot about people speaking of coupon misuse in the coupon community, but what does it mean? when an individual - customer, vendor or a partner agency takes advantage of a promotion, abusing the Coupon Policy.

OK! SO what does this mean exactly? You coupon is like a contact. The coupon itself STATES ALL THE IMPORTANT INFORMATION. This is called the terms and agreement. You as the consumer must be responsible on your end to read the coupon thoroughly, understand, and abide by these terms. When you use the coupon, you are cosigning that you are using the coupon the way it was meant to be used. NOW, let's get into the crumbs of this. What does this mean exactly? Need a guide to reading coupons? GO HERE.

Using a coupon on sizes excluded on the coupon such as trial/travel.

Using a coupon on an item not intended on the coupon, such as laundry detergent on dish soap.

Copying coupons, HUGE NO-NO and one of the biggest ways to get in trouble.

Here are some other examples

Unintentional Coupon Fraud

While there have been several cases of people receiving lengthy prison sentences and facing financial penalties for committing coupon fraud on a large scale, everyday couponers can unintentionally become involved in coupon fraud.

Responsible coupon users can avoid fraud accusations by understanding the most common terms of using coupons and by learning common ways coupon usage becomes fraudulent:

Copying Coupons

Making multiple copies of coupons is considered counterfeiting, and it is against the law. When using online coupon sites that offer printable coupons, the number of times that coupons can be printed is posted on the websites, and it is important to stick to the rules.

Printing more than the allotted number of a single coupon or making photocopies of a coupon is illegal.

Decoding Coupons