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What is an ECB? Everything you need to know.

ECB or Extra Care Bucks is the reward program at CVS. You obtain a Extra Care Card at the register and when you buy qualifying items, an ECB prints out on the bottom of your receipt.

Facts About ECB's

You obtain ECB's when you buy qualifying items.

You can find these qualifying items listed in your CVS weekly sale ad or in the store on the sales sign.

ECB's always have a limit of how many ECBS you can earn. These limits will be printed in the ad and on the store sale sign.

ECB's will print out on the bottom of your CVS receipt and you can use them on your NEXT sale.

You can earn ECB's when using ECB's.

Deals at CVS track during that sale week so that you can keep an eye on your coupon limits. IE, if you have to spend $30.00 you can spread that over a week.

CVS has a 98% rule when earning ECB's. What does this mean? If you have to spend $30.00 you can actually only spend $29.40 and your ECB will still print.