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Was My $5/$25 Digital Dollar General Coupon Taken Off? Why? Why Not?

Many many questions every Saturday of whether or not your $5.00 off $25.00 digital coupon was applied to your total has become more and more. Here is everything you need to know about the $5/$25 digital coupon to remember. FIRST, remember that the DG app is a third party app and the cashiers have no control over what coupons do and do not come off. Remember that your balance must be $25.00 AFTER instant savings, store discounts (sale specials) and before coupons. What does this mean?


Do you have one of these threshold coupons that have a lower value of $5/$25? They will come off first. DO NOT CLIP COUPONS UNTIL YOU HAVE YOUR DEAL READY TO GO.


Whatever your instant savings is, in this case $4.00, your instant savings must be added to the $25.00 threshold. This means in order for the $5.00 you must spend $29.00. If you have multiple instant savings, you must also add them all to the $25.00 threshold.

Combing Store Threshold Coupons and your $5/$25

This is a store threshold coupon. What does that mean? You need to spend a "threshold" amount to get the discount. Now this is the coupon that is always HUGE in question because it is so finicky in the way it works. The best thing to do, is look under the coupon in the app to see what scents and items it is attaching to. You also can scan your items in the store to see what items it attaching to.


The best advice I can give is make a list. YOU CAN GET A DOLLAR GENERAL PLANNING PAGE HERE. Look up the sale prices on these

items. If there is a sale on the items like General Mills that the shelf price is $3.00 per box,

but a store special of 3 for $6.00 the app will

show it under offers, so that $5.00 with the total to

$21.85 under the threshold of $25.00. IF YOU USE THE

APP, always remember to look at offers and make

sure that with offers your total is over $25.00 ALSO. It is good to not rely on the app solely because the app is not controlled by DG itself. Inventory can show out of stock, but in stock and vice versa.

NOW, how can we tell if the $5 off $25.00 was taken off.

Don't see the discount? Ask these questions

Did I have any instant savings? How much was my instant savings all together?

With my instant savings, was my total over $25.00

Was my total over $25.00 with the store offers?